Tuesday 10k and Spring Running Wear.

Tuesday 10k with my awesome running group this morning. It was pretty windy and chilly but the sun is supposed to come out and play a little today! I am so thankful for the miles with them and for the wonderful company.


We have had cooler mornings (which I LOVE) and warm afternoons lately…kind of looking fwd to highs in the 80s come tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 9.59.33 AM

Well since it is officially SPRING (happy spring, by the way!) I figured we would discuss a few items that are good to have handy for those long runs and races…I think your running wardrobe this time of year is just as important as when it’s chilly out. Here are some items I like to have handy for those springtime miles.

Grab a light windbreaker jacket. It’s kind of in that transitional not too hot/not too cold time of year so a light jacket will do the trick especially in the early mornings when it’s still chilly out. If you are long running or racing it, later on in the run when the sun comes out you can just tie it around your waist and go.

Arm sleeves. This is a great option to go well with those short sleeved shirts or tank tops. I have lots of friends that love these and swear by them for races.



Sunglasses…keep the sun away from those eyes and get some UV protection during those warm afternoon lunchtime runs. There are so many sporty sunnies out on the market right now…I don’t like to spend a ton of money on these but if you can find a specialty pair, even better.

Capris and shorts…I love lighter colored fun capri leggings and Lululemon speed shorts for running. There are so many bright and fun options available for the spring season.



What are some other springtime options for running wear that you like to have handy?

4 thoughts on “Tuesday 10k and Spring Running Wear.

  1. I have such problems finding running shorts! I really want a pair but my waist is an entire size smaller than my hips. I end up never finding a pair that are the right length (not too long to my knees or anything but not so short it’s showing or riding up), and that feel comfortable. Often too short or rise up so bad while running. Gonna try again this Spring at Lulu. When I can get down to weighing 110 (versus 115), I usually fit so much better in bottoms because there is less of a difference in ratio. But been struggling to get back to 110 lately. Hopefully over the course of Spring/Summer it will happen!!

    • Oh wow yeah waist to hip ratio is pretty important! I’ve also had luck with New Balance shorts in the past as well. I never have an issue with Nikes but I am pretty proportionate and don’t have much of a booty…so I’m sure that helps lol!!

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