20 Miles, Spring Flowers and Easter Wknd Recap.

Hello there! Hope you all had a marvelous weekend! I am ready for a new work week. Hopefully it will be a good one. I know it will definitely be a busy one too but…we got this. Ain’t no thang but a chicken wang.

I taught my spin class and got in a wonderful kettlebell workout this morning. This is a great one to do if you are strapped for time. And honey, kettlebells ain’t no joke! My upper body is feelin’ it. I am in love with those Russian swings.

2016-03-28 09.05.53

Let’s recap a bit of the Easter weekend, shall we?

So Saturday…I was back out on the roads for a 20 miler with the Irving Running Club crew. I ran with a few folks that were doing their longest run EVER! Some of us are training to run the Irving Marathon in a few short weeks. I will be an official 26.2 pacer for that race so it was fun to get the miles in preparing for another pacing opportunity.


I tell you what…these long miles go by so much faster if you are running with some fun people.

2016-03-26 12.21.04

That evening was real chill…me and man friend went to meet up with friends out at Trinity Groves in Dallas…at this new to me place called LUCK…Local Urban Craft Kitchen. They have all of these different beers and wines on tap, as well as some yummy eats. I loved the chipotle brussels sprouts and cider from the Bishop Cider Company.


Sunday was church, brunch and family time. I slept in until about 8 or so then ran 8 easy recovery miles in the ‘hood. The springtime flowers are really starting to bloom in my neck of the woods.


I had brunch with mama at Eddie V’s in Uptown Dallas…mimosas, shrimp and grits. The seafood there is super fresh and on point.


We also got to see my Big Fat Greek Wedding 2! I was excited to see this movie but will admit I kind of had low expectations…but the sequel was actually really funny and entertaining! Almost as good as the first one. I definitely recommend seeing it if you want a good laugh.

And ending the weekend in the best way possible…peaceful moment with a glass of red zinfandel. Cheers.


How was your Easter weekend? Did you do anything fun?

16 thoughts on “20 Miles, Spring Flowers and Easter Wknd Recap.

  1. I’m going to try that workout. I have been trying to mix up my resistance with other apparatus Thanks for the little review of MBFGW 2. The sequels are usually not great, so glad to read it was funny.
    You have THE best gifs!

  2. Saturday was a glorious spring day so got the bike out for a great 35 mile ride. Sunday was final long run before salt lake marathon so 21 miles through rain, hail, wind and a tiny bit of sun, around mile 20! Was feeling the bike for sure in the last 5 miles of the run Sunday, but a pretty active weekend overall.

    • Sounds great! Biking is always fun! Cycling for me personally after a long run (I taught spin the next very morning after running the ULTRA in Feb) is great active recovery. I ended up with 21 for the day too on Saturday…went back to help a friend finish his first 20! Let me know how Salt Lake goes!

  3. Absolutely beautiful pictures!! Your posts always make me happy!! Ahhh very cool you’re a pacer!! That’ll be so fun and runners will be SO inspired by YOU!! You are amazing! I’m telling you, Chelsea, I LOVE your balance! Exercising, good food/family/friends, and fun times! You’re the best!

  4. Great weekend running! I really need to get back to working out with my kettlebell. And be consistent, right now I am like once every 3 months. 😦 I want to see Greek Wedding, I am just trying to decide if it is worth the $40 the movie theater costs me.

  5. Love those spring flowers! 🙂 sounds like a lovely Easter weekend with good food, family, and running. Mine was similar with some study sprinkled in!

  6. I wish we lived closer… I would love to run with you and your running group… Well, hopefully MCM lets me in and we can run some miles together?? If i can keep up. LOL

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