8 Miles and Taco Tuesday.

8 miles before 8 a.m. rocking some miles with my IRC crew. We switched it up and ran a different way through the canal with a great view of the lake and sunrise at the end. It was a beautiful morning!


I tell ya it’s never easy to get up so early for these runs but I’m always happy to get it done. I was in bed by 8:30 p.m. last night (no lie) so yeah…that kind of helps too.

So since it’s TACO Tuesday…I’ve got a fun vegetarian taco recipe I think you would enjoy.



Butternut squash & black bean tacos…to be exact! Here is what you will need.

Corn tortillas
1 cup of black beans
1 cup of butternut squash, cooked & chopped (you can buy it pre chopped at some grocery stores)
Crumbled goat cheese
1 handful of fresh cilantro
Salsa/avocado to taste

As far as salsas go…I recommend this one if you can find it…it has a hot & fiery kick to it.


Prepare/cook black beans and place on warm corn tortillas. Top with cooked butternut squash, then fresh cilantro and sprinkle crumbled goat cheese. Top with salsa and/or avocado then go to town.

2016-03-28 19.57.51

So tell me! What are your favorite kind of tacos?

22 thoughts on “8 Miles and Taco Tuesday.

  1. OH, I want that sweatshirt. YESSSSSSS. Taco Tuesday… But first an 8-mile run… Or for me a hill run. LOL I love tacos, BUT I love nachos better. Like the whole nachos with ground beef, cheese, sour cream, guac. MMMmmmMm

  2. 8 miles before 8 a.m.? You go, girl! I miss those days 🙂 (being pregnant has made me slow and tired!!) Those tacos sound delish. I love veggie tacos, fish tacos and anything with lots of guacamole and lots of veggies and queso fresco. Yum!

  3. Girl. Early mornings are tough!! I know it. But I always feel so much better once I’m DONE. Brilliant taco recipe. I would have never thought to use butternut squash. In big on black beans and cheeeeeese. Lol

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