12 Miles, Brunch and Sunday Funday Runday…Wknd Recap.

Happy Monday! I’m sitting here sipping my tea and feeling invigorated after some morning miles, some strength work and a little sauna session. Great way to start the day!

Yes…just like Phaedra, I am awake and ready to bust out a RAWR. Ha!

With that said, let’s back it on up and recap the weekend, shall we?

This past weekend was pretty fun and filled with friends, brunching and of course running. I did a 12 mile run with the Irving Running Club early on Saturday.


This was somewhat of a taper run for me since I’ll be pacing the Irving Marathon this upcoming Saturday. Can’t wait for that! I’ve been a pacer 3 times (for half marathons) but this will be the first time I’ll be pacing the full gusto 26.2. I am thinking of wearing a party tutu and a disco ball on my head…HAHA just kidding, or am I?!

After the run I met up with my girl Natalie for brunch…you know it’s not brunch for me unless I have my eggs benny. It did not disappoint. YUM.


Always a good time catching up with my homegirl…I have known her forever…she is like my sister from another mister.

2016-04-10 01.56.59

I went to a housewarming party later that day with man friend and was pretty much in bed by 10pm. It felt good to get some good rest though and kind of sleep in a bit.

Sunday funday runday…some easy recovery miles with the crew. Fly kicks with some mimosas in the parking lot after. Good times.


2016-04-10 09.46.08

Then I did a little grocery shopping, and froze a batch of no bake energy breakfast bites (recipe to come!) These were super fantastic. My running buddies are going to love me come tomorrow morning.

2016-04-10 16.26.03

How was your weekend? Did you make anything fun in the kitchen?

25 thoughts on “12 Miles, Brunch and Sunday Funday Runday…Wknd Recap.

  1. Ahh so exciting that you’re pacing a marathon this weekend!! How did you get involved with that? Pacing is something I’d love to do- must be so fun! GOOD LUCK! I had a great weekend, recovering from an incredible trip overseas! Happy Monday!

    • The Irving Marathon and the Irving Running Club work together hand in hand so it’s a volunteer position since I’m getting more involved in the club! Yes, it’s a great opportunity and a great way to give back to the sport! Congrats once again on your shiny new bling & engagement!

  2. Running and brunching. A win all around! I can’t wait for that energy breakfast bite recipe. Looks like the perfect coffee pairing.
    I had my fill of sushi on the weekend and then saw a great Jazz band afterwards.

  3. You are just UNSTOPPABLE. I love it!!! I have to keep up with my marathon training this summer so that you could possibly pace me for MCM???

    I can’t wait to see that recipe for the energy bites. hurry up. I want to eat my computer screen just looking at them.


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