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Breakfast Club, Fossil Valley and 6 Things I Love About Trail Running.

Tuesday 10k this morning with my breakfast club crew. We actually had a bunch of colorful shoes show up for this morning’s run! Our posse is slowly growing little by little.

2016-05-24 09.24.43

So today I thought I’d talk about a few reasons why I really enjoy trail running. I know it’s not for everyone…and a lot of my road racing friends sometimes shy away from the trail. But there are definitely things to remember that will make you a better trail runner in the long run.

2016-05-24 10.32.26

These are the reasons why I enjoy taking a break from the pavement and embracing the dirt path!

1. It’s so good to mix up the terrain that you run on. As mostly a road runner/pavement pounder I know my feet definitely appreciate the break. Plus the softer surface is a tad easier on your joints.

2. You’re surrounded by beauty and nature. I tell ya…there is nothing more breathtaking than being surrounded by big trees and a shaded path. It’s like a runner’s paradise.

2016-05-24 10.33.01

3. Trail running is just another great way to bond with friends. I always have so much fun exploring nature with my running buddies. We plan on getting out there more often in the near future.

2016-05-22 09.09.11

4. You get an incredible workout and use different muscle groups. Especially with a technical/rocky terrain. I feel like trail running is a great way to use your core and parts of your body you wouldn’t normally use when you’re out on the cement. I also am usually quite sore afterwards. It’s running on a whole notha level!

5. It enables you to face your fears…I have to say I’m not an expert trail runner (and YES…I have fallen out there a time or three) but every time I embrace the trail It helps me get more confident…it’s all about practice and persistence. The more you do it, trust me…the better at trail running you will get. Just remember..take it easy, look at the ground underneath you, and steady is the key. Just keep on movin’.


6. It’s somewhat relaxing and just feels gosh darn GOOD! As I get older I’m learning to appreciate the trail more and more. It’s like being in a beautiful sanctuary of sorts.

Which leads me to my next adventure…Fossil Valley! I am signed up to run a TRAIL RELAY on July 23rd! Running at night with my closest runner friends…enjoying some running club bonding and crazy fun. I am super pumped about this one! Stay tuned.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.48.30 AM

What’s your next adventure? How is your running/training going?

18 thoughts on “Breakfast Club, Fossil Valley and 6 Things I Love About Trail Running.”

  1. I do LOVE trail running. I don’t know if I love racing it though. I’m so nervous that I’ll hurt my ankle again. And I feel like I’m in the Hunger Games. People chasing me, etc. BUT, I do agree that it’s a great workout and I believe it makes you a stronger and FASTER runner on the pavement. 🙂

    Your relay trail race sounds like it’ll be FUN!! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

    1. Take care of that ankle! Running trails and practicing being out there helps build your foot and ankle strength. But it’s definitely not for everyone! I think most road racers get the impression you have to be all super fast on the trail…I definitely enjoy slowing the pace down a bit and enjoying nature! The mentality is completely different.

      1. I agree. I take my time, but I do get some anxiety when I hear the crowd behind me. HAHAHA

        The first trail race I ran, one of the guy runners was kind of rude. He comments to me, “If you think you’ll fall, just fall to the side so i can pass you”. Seriously???

      2. Yeah it’s all mental. Honestly, this race will be all about the fun. I’m not going into it with a Type A attitude. Just a fun night with my fun friends!! But I feel ya. Totally! I’ve done a couple of trail races before…1 was a 25k in Oklahoma and I loved it. Happy training to you and can’t wait to meet you in D.C. for MCM!

  2. Yay!!! So excited you signed up for the relay. I LOVE Ragnars (doing our next one in Aspen next weekend!) and know you are going to have a blast!
    I am totally with ya on the trail running – I take that over the road any day. One more month til my trail 26.2 around 14,000 feet! 🙂

    1. You can, a lot of people use fancy trail shoes…right now I’m wearing Brooks Defyance and love them for the trail. Go to your local running store and talk to them about the best shoes for you! Oh…and it’s not IF you’re ever going to fall on a trail. It’s WHEN you’re going to fall. I’m just saying! That’s probably not helpful, sorry. LOL

  3. That looks awesome. I’m trying to recruit some folks to run Ragnar Trail Relay – Appalachians, WV.

  4. I love trail running! I have only done a couple of trail “races” and definitely don’t really race them, just treat them like a training run. For the longest time, I was afraid of tripping and falling on the trails so I avoided them. But honestly, the times I’ve fallen on the road I’ve gotten hurt way worse than falling on the trail!

    Have fun at Fossil Valley! I just have Too Hot to Handle on my radar right now, but I’m training with a group who is training for El Scorcho, so I might actually do some night runs this summer.

      1. I have never done it, but last year I went to pace my friend through his last loop. I would definitely spectate again but I don’t think I’d ever run it. But some people love it! Just not my cup of tea.

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