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Need for Speed and What’s Your Motivation?

7.5 miles this morning with my run crew enjoying the humidity and sunshine! Yes I actually am kind of starting to get acclimated to this summer heat. Definitely feels good when the run is over! Finished the run strong with an 8:05 pace. I love ending my run with some speedy strides on the track.

2016-06-28 09.39.22

If you need a good song for speedwork I definitely recommend putting this track on repeat. It will make your legs move faster in a flash.

So lately I’ve been thinking about what my motivation has been lately for running…especially for morning runs. For some reason I’m just much more motivated to get it done first thing. Plus when I get to work I’m just full of energy, happy and ready to go. Here are a few random things that have made me step out the door lately. In random order…

-Running friends to share the miles with!
-Iced coffee after a hot summer run
-The feel good endorphins afterwards
-Knowing I’m pounding out the miles while some folks are still sound asleep.
-Ridiculously beautiful RUNrises.
-For the IG bragging rights
-For those who can’t
-To unwind with a glass of red wine at the end of the day.
-To rock whatever cute sundress I so desire.
-Because at the end of the day my workout is over…the earlier you get it out of the way, the better.
-Because it just feels so gosh darn amazing.

Sometimes I just need a reminder.

2016-06-27 09.49.23

How about you? What’s been your motivation to get your run on lately?

10 thoughts on “Need for Speed and What’s Your Motivation?”

  1. This morning I FINALLY got my butt out of bed for a morning workout. It’s a struggle but I agree, I feel way more energized and happy after a morning workout.
    Fingers crossed I can go two for two with my morning workout tomorrow..

  2. love your reasons to run! especially for those who cants. my dad cant run anymore because of bad knees and every time i go out for a run i think about him. its silly but keeps me holding that uncomfortable paces even when i want to quit.

  3. One morning last week, post-run, post-shower, pre-iced coffee, I remember thinking I was ready to take on the world. It just felt that damn good. Meeting friends definitely makes it much easier to wake and get out the door. But my biggest motivation right now is the personal challenge I created to run for charity. Gotta stick to the training plan to be successful.

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