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12 Miles, Patriot 5k and 4th of July Wknd Recap.

Hey there! Hopefully you all had a marvelous long 4th of July weekend. As for me…there was lots of pool time, some trail running / nature time and of course fireworks fun! Let’s do a quick recap.

2016-07-03 11.33.51

As most of you know I’m gearing up for a few summer and fall races. I’ve got a trail relay with my running club in a few short weeks, the Hottest Half Marathon in August, and the Marine Corps Marathon in October. For starters. So this past Saturday I had 12 miles on tap. It was a super hot day so I was so glad to get it done early with a few of my runner friends.


Later on…a night of dancing, music and yummy Pappadeaux eats. This ahi tuna with mango, cilantro and avocado is my new favorite.


Sunday was a trail run day! I met up with a few folks from the club for some laughs and galavanting on the rocky nature preserve.

2016-07-03 11.35.05

Just taking in the sights and sounds. It’s so peaceful getting off the beaten path for a change.

2016-07-03 11.45.25

2016-07-03 11.21.58

2016-07-03 11.33.20

2016-07-03 11.34.35

I had to of course recover with some pool time and pineapple cider. This one went down nice and easy.


4th of July I started the morning with the Patriot 5k after a rain storm rolled on through. I loved this race because it was in a new place…new neighborhood to run through. I kind of felt like Dora the Explorer.


The course was awesome, one slight incline but mostly fast and flat. We got so super lucky too because after the rain it cooled down to a nice crisp 70 something degrees with breeze. Summertime running perfection.


I placed 3rd in my age group out of 23 gals! Nothing like an age group win for a holiday race. Fun fun. Not too bad especially considering I had a late night with friends the day prior. Hey…it’s summertime, so YOLO.

The rest of the day was super chill. I hung out with friends right on my pool, we had wine, cabana time and I had the most awesome view of the boom boom show. I didn’t even have to leave my backyard. Love it.


How was your weekend? Did you get to see the boom boom show?

15 thoughts on “12 Miles, Patriot 5k and 4th of July Wknd Recap.”

  1. Hey! Totally forgot that you were running MCM- I am back and looking forward to exchanging training updates! Glad you had a great weekend. Have a great week!

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