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7 Mile Kind of Tuesday and Cross Training for Runners.

It was definitely a 7 (point 3) mile kind of Tuesday around here. I’m working on building my mileage as my marathon training is ramping back up! Hopefully I’l get in just over 40 miles this week. We shall see.


So speaking of 26.2 prep, for me I think a key component to staying injury free is incorporating cross training into your schedule. Most training plans actually include it which is nice. Here are my favorite ways to get some other workouts in and mix it up. If you are looking for ideas too I recommend Pinterest and/or the Nike Training Club app. Both are helpful tools to finding new ways to work it out.

My number one favorite way to workout aside from running would absolutely have to be indoor cycling. It’s low impact on your joints, you burn a ton of calories in very little time, and build your leg muscles for endurance. During my ultra training spin cycling also helped me to stay injury free and kept me super fit for those long runs. You can take cycling classes at most gyms or find a spin studio near you such as Flywheel and/or Soul Cycle.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.08.54 AM

As far as strength training goes, this one is a great way to work the upper body as well as work on lower body movements such as squats. They are effective and there are just so many things you can do with this piece of equipment. You can find some kettlebell workouts for runners here.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.21.00 AM

Yoga is another one for me that tops the list because you can not only work on stretching the muscles but also your breathing and alignment. Even when I do a run, one of the first things I do when I go home is a quick yoga sequence in my living room. Downward facing dog, high planks, child’s pose and pigeon pose are great for the core/hamstrings and especially those hips. I make sure to do lots of hip openers to keep my lower body nice and loose. If you’re a beginner to yoga try a gentle yoga class, restorative or to crank it up a notch check out some hot or vinyasa/power.

I taught dance for a number of years at my local gym and I think it’s an excellent cardio alternative to running. Especially classes like hip hop or Zumba are great because you are doing more side to side movement, something completely different the way you use your muscles when you run.


Some people swear by barre classes and I know a ton of runners that love it because you are really strengthening your lower body. They also use light weights and resistance bands to work your entire body. It’s worth checking out to try something completely different and really work different muscle groups. Check out my review for Pure Barre in Dallas here.

What’s your favorite way to workout besides running?

30 thoughts on “7 Mile Kind of Tuesday and Cross Training for Runners.”

  1. There are so many ways to cross train as you outlined. I find working on all areas definetly prevents muscle burn out and injury. I tried a Barre class once and it was a tough one!

  2. Just got my first barre dvd in the mail yesterday and figured since I can lift pretty heavy I could do intermediate. Wrong. Couldn’t even finish every move of the beginners workout. Humbling but looking forward to the challenge of doing the whole workout nonstop.

  3. i looooove boot camps, but my IT bands get tight so easily doing lower body stuff, so i shy away from them during marathon training. i don’t belong to an outside gym right now (i use the one in my bldg) so no spinning for me, as Soul Cycle is SO expensive and i can’t justify it.

  4. I’ve actually been biking outside a lot this summer which has been great! I’m also getting back into yoga (have to force myself to go, but am so happy when I do). A new Barre place just opened in my hood, so I am going to check out a class soon!

  5. There’s a barre studio that just opened up by my office, but I have yet to try it. I wish they had an express lunch class. The Flywheel studio had lunch classes back when I was pregnant with Sebastian (can’t believe that was 2013), but when I came back the next year, they got rid of them. I guess it worked out because ONE CLASS WAS $32/CLASS. I don’t know how much spin classes are by you, but that’s pretty pricey.

    I do like to do a lot of free weights, core, lunges just in my living room. I need to find a groupon deal for yoga. My girlfriend is a serial grouponer when it comes to finding workout classes. She’s good.

  6. I do Camp Gladiator (boot camp-style workout) 2-3 days a week and take a hot yoga class once a week. I’ve only been doing CG since January and I have seen a HUGE improvement in my running. It incorporates a lot of functional body movements, high intensity intervals and weights.
    I’ve been doing yoga longer than I’ve been running (probably 15 years now, wow!) and I know it helps a lot with keeping me limber, especially my hips which is so important in running!
    Barre looks like a neat workout, I’d love to try it sometime!

  7. Definitely cycling is my favorite non-running workout…though it’s hard to fit in when every weekend is taken with a long run of some kind or another!

      1. I would love to but mornings are usually best for me! MY afternoons consist of my childs activities, house stuff or just plain exhausted lol – when do you usually teach again?

      2. Of course…like I said, August is probably cool. It’s just pretty expensive and I need to watch my budget and perhaps double up on teaching spin to afford a $30 class every time! HA!

  8. yoga and core class are my favorite. yoga to stretch out those runner muscles and core to strengthen the muscles that i need but sometimes forget about lol. spin i did once and man that was one of the hardest classes i have ever done and so much sweat lol

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