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10k Thursday and Post Run Breakfast Ideas.

10k Thursday today with my running crew. I probably see these people every day now! We are all gearing up for marathons at the same time so I have a feeling we will all be the best of friends by the time the summer is over. Fun fun. We had to take a shoe pic as usual.


Um yeah, and 79 degrees this morning? That almost never happens around this time in Texas. So you know I had to take full advantage of it.

So today I thought we’d quickly talk about some quick post run meals you can put together after an invigorating workout! I know sometimes it’s hard to come up with things to make but these for me have saved me from going to the fast food joint and/or RUNger. As most of you know, that post run hunger is very real.

Smoothies. I have a personal travel sized blender that really comes in handy. I usually love to include protein, fruits and almond or cashew milk in my concoctions. Here are a few smoothie ideas to try. My favorite is the runner’s pina colada (rum not included).


Egg muffins. I hear these are absolutely awesome and quick especially if you can get a bunch of ‘em ready. And honestly my personal go to after a run is always eggs because it packs a serious amount of protein. Perfection.


Avocado toast. Yet another nutritional favorite for me would have to be avocado. It’s so awesome on toast too with a little lemon or lime juice and sea salt.


Acai bowls. I am simply obsessed with these especially in the summer time. Again it’s basically a smoothie in a bowl but I love to top it with shredded coconut, different types of fruits, and maybe some chia seeds. They are just kind of pretty too, you know? Kind of like artwork.


What’s your favorite breakfast to eat after a run?

8 thoughts on “10k Thursday and Post Run Breakfast Ideas.”

  1. i’ve been doing smoothies lately because you just cant beat fresh berries but when its winter i make a breakfast sandwich. english muffin, egg whites, turkey maple sausage and american cheese. basic but does the trick 🙂

  2. I always want eggs after a run! After long runs with my club, our unofficial meeting spot is Torchy’s tacos where I always get egg, potato and cheese tacos. (Plus about a gallon of iced tea!) At home, I usually make an egg sandwich on an English muffin.

  3. I do love smoothies. I mean, I prefer eating my calories than drinking, but on a HOT summer day post run, I’ll take a nice cold smoothie!!! I’ll have to check out that page for some new recipes.

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