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Triple Digit Time and Pushing Past the Wall.

Well folks, we are officially hitting those triple digits down in Texas! Time for lots of ‘Bikram’ running. It’s kind of like hot yoga, except pounding the pavement. Now you know why I like to get up at the crack of dawn in the summer. If you’re putting in serious miles, it really is the best bet.


haha and this…so funny yet true.


So lately I’ve been thinking about pushing past those mental and physical blocks when it comes to marathon training and racing. I’m pretty big on running being mostly a mental sport…meaning what you tell yourself is usually going to largely affect the outcome of your performance. It’s so important to stay positive and ignore those crazy thoughts when runs get tough. Sometimes if it’s an injury coming it’s best to listen to your body…but other times you have push past that wall. Here are ways I do just that.

Have some mantras you tell yourself during a long run. It could be something crazy or something that motivates you. But you know those words that will help you fight through the negativity. Some of mine are ‘trust those legs’, ‘run the mile you’re in’, a bible scripture like Phillippians 4:13. Whatever suits your fancy.

Breathe. Sometimes it really is that simple. Stop overthinking everything and just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Little things like that can get you a long way.

Think about the reward. Whether it’s a cup of coffee after the run or a long luxurious shower, knowing what’s to come after the obstacle will make the end result much sweeter.

Smile. Honestly sometimes when I’m running a long run or racing and I’m feeling super craptastic and cuss words are floating around in my head the one thing I do that gets me through that mile is to SMILE. Especially when I see spectators during the race. I will smile and let them know that despite the adversity that’s going on in my head (or in my life- just being real), I’m still smiling. Know that if you can get through one run you can honestly get through those other tough parts of life. And for me that’s one of the most rewarding parts of distance running.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 11.45.45 AM

What are some ways you push past the WALL in training or racing?

14 thoughts on “Triple Digit Time and Pushing Past the Wall.”

  1. Bikram running! Lol. That’s too funny. 😂 Well girl, I truly admire your mental and physical strength. Simply amazing athleticism you have. I remember sprinter Andre Degrasse saying last year before his 100 m dash, “this is as much a mental sport as it is a physical.”

  2. Ug, I’ve been putting off a much needed running session for too long. Thank you for the encouragement and motivation. For me, it often is a mental struggle; time to lace up the sneakers!

  3. I am with the above-comment. Last week I ran when it was 78 degrees and 95% humidity! Awful. Ugh. I just chugged some water and listened to some tunes to get me through it. It was HARD! I hope they’re right about summer training. Makes you faster for fall races. I HOPE.

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