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Fossil Valley Trail Relay Recap.

Well hi there! I am back from my long weekend and ready to recap my trail relay adventure! It was a marvelous 9 hours of running with the Irving Running Club crew. And my first overnight trail race! So I ended up a tad sleep deprived but it was (hashtag) so worth it.

2016-07-26 10.03.48

Since the race was not until Saturday evening, me and a friend got up at our usual run time for a quick shake out run. The sunrise was gorgeous and we got in a few miles so I could go home and take a nice long nap, recharge my batteries and get ready for the evening.

2016-07-26 10.04.17

After a mostly restful day, we made our way out to Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve around 7:30 p.m. to set up shop, lawn chairs and such. The race events didn’t get started until a couple hours later so we did some tailgating with a ton of race snacks and hydration. And of course…mimosas, but we didn’t drink those until we were done running. HA.


This particular race was such a fun concept, they had a 3, 6 and 9 hour option for all runners. The relay was 9 hours and it was teams of 3. IRC represented out there with a few teams…we roll deep.


Love my teammates. The IRC breakfast club. I’ve been running with these peeps every morning pretty much at 5:30 a.m. So I thought the team name was quite fitting.


The course itself was pretty hilly, with a couple of really big climbs but the distance was fairly short. 2.6 mile loops that I got to do a few times throughout the night.


We all lined up around 10 p.m after the kids fun run. & the gun went off…then the fun began!

2016-07-26 10.12.28

The first few laps were super fun, scampering through the night. It was cool seeing all of the headlamps prancing around on the course. And plus since the loop was fairly short you always saw people ahead or behind you. So for me this was helpful and so were all of the signs on the trail. The race director did an amazing job at keeping us on track! I was just glad I didn’t get lost and didn’t trip or fall the entire time. Success!

Towards the end of the night I got pretty tired but I ended up doing the most laps in my group. 6 total…and with the 3 of us combined we managed to knock out 43 miles in the 9 hour duration. Way to go team!

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.21.33 AM

I was so proud of the IRC crew for pumping out the miles. The IRC boys took 2nd place with a total of 53 miles. Pretty dang impressive. And a post trail race pic…all sweaty and stinky but high and happy off of trail running endorphins.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.26.39 AM

After the run…we had some delicious mimosas and did a little toast to being trail running badasses. Awesomeness.

2016-07-26 10.28.38

Overall I loved the course…it was technical and hard to do over and over but a good time with my teammates! I actually loved the night time running aspect more than I thought I would. Am I becoming a night runner? Haha…definitely not. I’m a morning runner at heart. But it was so fun to change it up and get off the beaten path! I am so proud of myself for getting completely out of my comfort zone. And so thankful I got to do it with such a fantastic group of people. IRC for life!

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.17.52 AM

And the post race trail run swag…perfection.


How was your weekend? Have you ever done a crazy overnight race or trail relay before?

20 thoughts on “Fossil Valley Trail Relay Recap.”

    1. Yeah they are pretty well known especially with distance runners who dabble in trails. Ragnar is a popular one that does relays in cool places like Tahoe, Colorado etc. Check out the website below if you’re interested in local trail running, this particular series has some all throughout the year in the DFW area.

  1. how cool, what a fun event…and congrats on a great showing by you and your running club, awesome!! i’ve never done a relay or a night race but we are looking into a crazy relay through the Grand Teton Mountains next year!

  2. Have done two great relays. Dances with Dirt in Hell, Michigan and a Ragnar Relay <— that one was overnight. What a blast!

  3. Awesome job, congrats! Haha, I spy my friends Jessica and Steve in that shot of the starting line!

    I’m too scared to run trails at night, let’s face it I can barely stay upright in the daytime.

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