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10k Tuesday and a Orangetheory Fitness Review.

10k Tuesday this morning with my run club getting some speedy strides in despite the crazy heat wave we have going on! I tell you what summer training is definitely very humbling. I mean seriously, I train pretty hard nearly every summer and I feel like I’m always learning something new. I’m so thankful though for running friends that push me and make me want to work harder! It was already in the 80s by the time I was done with this run. Gotta love that.


Looks like we are in for some more glorious weather in the coming days. Ha. I forsee lots more pool time in my life. Bring it on.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 9.25.43 AM

So speaking of something new…I went and checked out Orangetheory Fitness over the weekend and thought I’d do a quick write up about my experience there! I have a runner friend that is member of this studio and absolutely loves it. She’s been asking me to join her for a while now so Sunday I decided to make it out to the noon class. I arrived early and got all squared away and filled out forms. The instructor showed me around the gym and all of the different stations. There’s bosu balls, TRX, free weights, water rowers and finally treadmills. It was like an adult playground of sorts.

2016-08-01 10.02.02


I love the idea of circuit/interval training and think this is an excellent concept. What also is awesome is that they give you a heart rate monitor and you are able to see all of your stats on the tv screen while you are working out. For me this was super motivating because I am a data freak and love seeing the calories burned while I’m burning them. They encourage you to stay close to the orange zone (thus the name of the gym, Orangetheory)



I started the workout at the water rowers, which was fun…you are there and row for a certain amount of meters then transition to the weight equipment. We did a variety of exercises, including burpees with a medicine ball, hamstring curls, shoulder presses, and pikes with the ab roller. My abs were super sore from that ab roller thing! I totally underestimated that piece of equipment. I also loved doing lateral lunges on the bosu ball.

From there we moved onto the treadmill speed intervals which of course I loved and it was cool seeing my heart rate and calories jumping up on the screen. They take you from a base, to push pace and then an all out…you crank up that speed on an incline. That was hardcore! But I loved every minute of it.

Not only do you end up burning some serious calories, the first class is free which is a nice plus. The membership itself can get pricey but you can pay for a few months at a time, or even just drop in and pay $25 per session. I think it’s a good compliment to your other workouts if you’re already an active person. Or even if you’re not very active it will give you just the right amount of push to get going. The instructors were super encouraging and the music was fun and energizing. Overall I enjoyed it and will definitely go again! It’s a fun workout to do with friends.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 9.32.28 AM

Have you ever tried Orangetheory? Runners, what is your favorite way to cross train?
Probably indoor cycling, strength training and yoga!

15 thoughts on “10k Tuesday and a Orangetheory Fitness Review.”

  1. I tried out Orange Theory when it opened up near me. Honestly, I wasn’t a fan but I *really* hate running on the treadmill, even with intervals. Also I had trouble with the heart rate monitor (which I always do, which is why I never wear one). When the instructor looked at my data after the class, he commented that maybe I wasn’t used to working out for an hour at a time. I told my runner friends about that and they laughed and laughed!

    I did like being able to try it out for free, though! I see why some people like it but it just wasn’t for me. I did like how clean it was, there was a class finishing up right before mine and the employees got in there and wiped everything down very quickly.

    I love to cross-train with yoga and Camp Gladiator! Occasionally I’ll swim, too.

    1. Yeah I agree I don’t think it would be for everyone. But I enjoyed the competitive aspect of it and I don’t mind speedwork on the treadmill. I much prefer the track though! Overall I think it’s a good compliment to your workouts if you already strength train on a regular basis…which thankfully I do. Classes like this along with Camp Gladiator are nice if you need a little extra encouragement.

  2. That is my favorite circuit! Rowing, weights then finishing it out with running!!!! I love these classes because it is so upbeat and you are always doing something… AND you burn mad calories!! 🙂

  3. I made a disturbing discovery this afternoon, Chels. I was looking for your new post to come to my mailbox, but didn’t see it. When I checked in WordPress it looked as though I had touched the unfollow at the bottom on your previous post link by mistake! This happened to me before with another blog I faithfully read. Not good!
    Anyways, I have read a lot of posts about Orange Theory on various blogs and most say it’s a nice mix-up and change from their regular routine. Too bad all the OT studios are far from where I live.

    1. HAHA that’s okay! You have been such a faithful reader over the years and I thank you for that!! I always enjoy reading your blog as well! No harm done 😉
      Yeah I think OT is still growing, glad to know they actually have them in Canada!

  4. I love that the weather app says 102 is very warm, not hot but warm. I really need to work on cross training more often but we don’t have a lot of class options out here and I am super lazy about my bike.

    1. Well girl yeah the heat index is usually 3 million down here in TX so in comparison I guess that’s ‘warm’ 🙂 It feels like a sauna in the afternoon and we are under a heat advisory. Now you know why I try to run as EARLY as possible!

  5. holy hotness where you are! and i’m complaining about 90 and humid! gah. good on you for getting out in that. i haven’t done OTF yet but have heard nothing but rave reviews, so def need to get myself there soon.

  6. wow that is some serious calorie burn! i dont have an orange by me but so many people try it i wish there was! but for real this heat is out of control. i seem to forget every year how miserable it is. i feel better though when i look at my pace and i see my pace this year vs last year is still faster so it sucks but i know im getting closer and closer to my goal

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