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8 Ways to Be a More Consistent Runner.

So we are in for some seriously hot temps in the next few days. Welcome to Texas in the summertime, where it literally goes from 0 to 100 real quick. It will be over soon enough though. Until then I’ll just keep getting up mad crazy early to get all my runs in.

2016-08-04 09.58.06

Thankfully I have a posse that likes to get up early with me. Thank you, Irving Running Club.


So speaking of getting up early…here are things that I’ve done over the years that has turned me into a more consistent, dedicated runner. 7 years and 20+ marathons & ultras later and somehow I’m still in love with this sport. I think one major factor in having a successful training season leading up to a marathon is consistency. Running day in and day out will definitely get you far. And it doesn’t have to always be a super long run either. Even a short run is better than no run. Am I right?

Here are 8 ways you can keep that fire for running going and pounding out the mileage.

1. Never underestimate rest days. Fridays for me are typically the days I take a day off from running and working out. I know for some people rest days are HARD…but trust me they will pay off if you designate at least 1 rest day a week.


2. Take it all in stride. Marathon training especially is all a balancing act. You have the days where you push harder and days where you run easy. Know that the easy days are important in running too. It’s a rookie move to go out HARD and run hard every day of training. Respect the miles and vary your pace a bit.

3. Put some races on the calendar. Having a target race, even if it’s not a marathon…like a 10k or a half…will make you want to get out there and practice on your craft. It just kind of makes you feel like you are running for a purpose. Now you know why I race so much. HA.


4. Run with other people. Yes, I have said this many times in the last few months but one of the best things I’ve done for my running was link back up with a run club. Hands down they make me want to work harder and they are helping me to get my fire back.

5. Drink more wine. LOL…I am only kidding. Or am I? Will run for wine…I am just saying. Just make sure to hydrate after with H20!


6. Remember the WHY…and also how far you have come with your running. I remember when I first started this journey I could barely hold a 10:30 pace. And now I’m running a 7:45 minute pace for a 5k. It’s amazing how far you can go with something if you stay persistent and stay passionate.

7. Know that somewhere out there you’re inspiring others to get out and run too. Nuff said.

8. Celebrate tiny accomplishments. Running for 30 minutes…then maybe the next week bumping it up to 45. Running a sub 30 minute 5k. Or running your first 10 mile run. Those are ALL great accomplishments and you should be proud of every step you take. You do not have to be an ultra runner to be proud of yourself. It’s you vs. you always. And never forget that.

What are some ways you like to keep the fire going with running and stay consistent with training?

18 thoughts on “8 Ways to Be a More Consistent Runner.”

  1. Monday is my rest day. I’m getting red wine for tonight with a 20 miler on tap tomorrow. And regarding #6, this is what I posted to FB Tuesday AM – link to my page is missing. But you’ll get the idea.

    When you’re tired and the humidity is 100% for what seems like the 30th straight day, you don’t wanna run. Then you remember it’s not about you. It’s bigger than any one person. Had a great run! #zachingacrossthemountains
    Choose one of the 210 miles to honor someone.

    1. Have a great run! So I’ve got 3 20 milers on tap before my marathon in October!! Then maybe 1 or 2 more before the BMW Dallas Marathon in December. Come to Dallas and run 26.2 with us!! You seem tough enough to handle training in triple digit temps. 😉 Be safe and enjoy your weekend, Russ!

  2. Great tips! I’ve always struggled with my consistency as a runner, so this was super inspiring. Thanks!

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