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Keep Pushing and Wknd Recap.

I got my morning started with a some 10k Monday action…it was crazy humid as usual but a little bit of breeze certainly helped. I tell you what I am more than ready for some crisp fall weather!


Keep pushing…yes that is what I keep telling myself. So let’s recap the weekend a bit, shall we? It was a recovery/cut back week in marathon training world. We ventured on over to White Rock Lake for a super early run. 14 miles on deck.


It got pretty hot out at the lake but most of this run felt good and I was happy to get the miles in. I look back a year ago when I was doing all of my summer training alone…gosh it is so much easier when you have friends to help you get in the miles.

I was actually really bad at getting photos this weekend…but there were a couple of birthday celebrations! Including my mama’s. We went to this Mexican joint for lunch and she had a margarita with a popsicle in it! Talk about a great way to cool off from the summer heat.


Later on we celebrated my good friend Angela’s birthday at Cibo Divino. Steak salad and wine for the win.


So fun hanging with her and her peeps. They are a colorful bunch.


Sunday I went to Orange Theory with my girl Tracy then set out for some hot recovery miles. 98 degrees out. Gotta get ready for this half marathon next weekend!


And I ended my Sunday with some poolside action. I think I’m going to have to make evening pool time on Sunday a tradition.


How was your weekend? Do you have any hot summer races coming up?
Cobra 5k next Saturday and then the Hottest Half Marathon on Sunday.

10 thoughts on “Keep Pushing and Wknd Recap.”

  1. after a june race last year i vowed to never run a race in the summer again. i did the plano half last year in september which was still too hot for me. give me all the winter races!!! i agree sunday should be pool day, gotta work on that tan while we can 😀

  2. Got in 20 Saturday then a very early 7 Sunday before the fam drove to NYC. Then we walked about 9 miles! My legs didn’t feel well at all Sunday night.

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