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Crazy Hot Runs and You vs. You.

It was an 8 mile morning with a seriously stunning sky…those clouds I tell ya. Quite mesmerizing & and worth getting up early for.

2016-08-09 07.32.55

So yesterday I got real crazy and decided to do a bit of a double run day…10k in the morning and 4 super HOT miles right after work. Yep…with triple digit temps! Most of this run was in the shade so that actually helped a great deal. But the sadistic part of me actually enjoyed pushing through with the sun beating down on me! I can’t say I’ll do it often but I have a feeling I’m going to be super ready for some summer races I have coming up. Good times.


I’m on Strava now and I was super excited to log these runs yesterday with the run club. I actually ended up on the leaderboard for the day for just a bit! That was kinda cool. I’ll definitely have to do a Strava review soon. A lot of my friends that run with Garmin connect seem to love it too because your data will download straight to the app.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 10.01.21 AM

So along with being back in a running group and on a social networking site where you share ALL of your running info comes a bit of healthy competition. And I say healthy because in general most folks in running groups are supportive of one another and their goals. I am always working on reminding myself that it’s me vs. me…always. I do feel so blessed though that I’ve found a group of runners that I can call my extended family. These guys are awesome at pushing me and holding me accountable. I’ve also made some great girlfriends who I have shared countless miles, vino and girl talk with. For that I am forever grateful.


This year I have a few goals I’d like to accomplish before the end of the year (and a few that I’ve already knocked down…aka my very first 50 miler in May) so I’d like to continue to stay motivated by getting more involved in my running community.

But I think for me there will always be an element of wanting to do more. Running a few ultras has made me really excited about pushing my limits further this year. At the end of the day someone will always be speedier, jump higher etc. Social networking makes this even more real. As runners we should always remember that we are on our own individual journeys and to stick close to those people that motivate and encourage you to be and do your best. Do away with the rest and just do you. For me that has always been the key to staying in love with running.


Comparison will take your joy if you let it…so always remember to keep that joy and focus on doing you. And always be encouraging and supportive of others. Nuff said.

Have you used the Strava app? If you’re training for something…how is it going so far?

11 thoughts on “Crazy Hot Runs and You vs. You.”

  1. Congratulations on your 50-miler in May! That is a HUGE accomplishment and takes so much mental strength. I so agree that it is you vs. you and I’ve been trying to carry that with me while training for my first marathon.

  2. I’ve been using Strava for a couple years or so and absolutley love it…I really should upgrade to premium but I really like the breakdown the integration with Garmin connect and the overall look and feel of the app. Send me an invite to follow once you get going on it, there are quite a few of us in the blogger and twitter world out there!

      1. I’ll have to try to find you…I actually have a Strava widget on my site that lists my mileage for week (or something) if you click that you can follow me from there, I think!!!

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