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Keep it Sassy and What to Eat Before a Long Run.

10 miles all smiles this morning…keepin’ it sassy. It definitely felt good to get another double digit run in before work this week! I attribute all of my motivation lately to my runtastic running group. They make these miles fly by like they’re nothing. Well that and I’m just one of those annoying ‘morning people’. Thank you, coffee.


So for those of you that are getting up early on the weekends to clock some major mileage (myself included) I know it’s good to have a few breakfast options on hand before a long run. For these quick bites it’s good to get up a tad early before your run to let your food digest a bit before you get started. I know from experience that there’s nothing worse than food sitting on your stomach feeling heavy during a 15-20 mile run! Anyway, here are some good options to get your energy stores full and ready to go.

Oatmeal with fruit/honey. Oats are always a nice option because they keep you nice and satisfied. Just make sure not to overdo it with the fiber. Honey is a nice added sweetness to this one. And perhaps a little fruit for good measure. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 9.48.56 AM

Toast with a small spread of peanut or almond butter. A little bit of PB goes a long way. I like the organic peanut butter from Sprouts or the Justin brand that comes in those tiny fun packets.

Honey stinger waffles. These are perfection if you don’t feel like getting up and prepping something to eat. I like to keep a stash of these handy basically at all times. They are also organic and have gluten free options if that appeals to you. I love the gingersnap and maple flavors.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 9.46.42 AM

Banana. You totally cannot go wrong with the good ole standby treat. Bananas are so easy to digest and really they were the only thing I wanted when I ran my 50 miler back in May. No clue why…I think I had a few bananas that day though actually. HA.

What are some things you like to eat before a long run?
Sometimes I will forgo food before a long run…provided that I had a good solid meal the night before. But in general I do like to have something on my tummy to keep my energy stores high.

20 thoughts on “Keep it Sassy and What to Eat Before a Long Run.”

  1. My go-to breakfast before a long run is a toasted bagel with peanut butter! Nice and filling, I’m not always hungry enough to eat the whole thing but at least half will last me. Sometimes I’ll do a slice of toast with pb and banana slices.

  2. Honey stinger has been my go to all summer. Except once. Then it was half bagel, almond butter and honey. Mmm

    1. Hilarious! I don’t eat if I’m running less than 10 miles or so..especially during the work week. But on Saturdays during marathon training I will have a quick bite. It’s a totally different animal when you’re a distance runner training for a full marathon.

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