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Awesome 8 Miles and How to Deal with Humidity.

Hi, hey and hello! I got in an awesome 8 miles this morning. Like, seriously I was feeling freaking amazing towards the end of this run! And I got a couple of hill climbs in too. Sheer success.


I’m so happy to be picking up the pace a bit now that things are cooling down. Early morning temps in the 70s in August for us is bliss. We had an out of towner that ran with the club this morning from Colorado that said it’s 57 degrees for their morning runs. 57?! That’s basically running perfection. These TX runs in the summer do make me feel like one tough mamacita though.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 9.06.40 AM

Check out that humidity…80 percent though? Good gracious. I have gotten acclimated to it though.

Those of you that deal with humidity…here are a few things that have gotten me though humid runs in the summertime! Trust me, it will all be over very very soon.

Keep your hydration game on point. Not only during the run, but for hours prior and even the day before. Some of my favorite types of electrolyte drinks are coconut water and Nuun. I try to keep these handy at all times and even tend to drink them when I am not running.

Know that if you run enough your body will acclimate to the humidity. Yes, it takes a while but you will learn to push through it and it won’t be such a big deal if you stay consistent with your training.

Your pace tends to slow down a bit when it’s humid out in the thick of summer…but trust me it will get better as things cool off. I try to do strides throughout my run to keep the pace and so I don’t feel like I’m slogging so much through the sauna like weather. Pick up your pace for 30 seconds, running til you’re slightly breathless..then go back to your easy run pace. Rinse and repeat. This will really help your overall pace at the end of the run too.

Sweating is good for the mind, body and soul! Try to enjoy the humid runs as much as possible. Your attitude towards your training overall is everything. If you tell yourself the run is shitty, then guess what? You will probably have a shitty run. Just keeping it real. Stay positive, work hard and have fun while you’re doing it!

How do you stay positive in the thick of humid and/or hot summer training?

24 thoughts on “Awesome 8 Miles and How to Deal with Humidity.”

  1. It was 80% humidity this morning during my run too! of course about 20 degrees cooler, I always wear my lightest tank top or sometimes just a sports bra if humidity is up, I find the more I have touching me the more I notice how sweaty I am

  2. Girl you are preaching to the choir! It’s hella humid here in Philly. But we’ve gotten a break this past week and I’m so looking forward to those 50 degree mornings 🙂

  3. Girl….its been nothing but 100% humidity, 70* dew point and warm every morning here! I’m so ready for a break!! I’m just remembering that this WILL make me a faster fall runner. Hopefully. 😉

      1. It’s all about your attitude! Yeah I tend to bitch and complain but joining a run club has really made this season a lot of fun and I’ve seen so much improvement! Happy training to you! Stay positive.

  4. I def struggle to run in humidity and I know a lot of it is mental, as I just hate it. Def stop for more water breaks, splash water on my face, and slow it down a bit if I need…and try not to beat myself up for not doing as much or going as hard, and remind myself that this will pass and I’ll be slaying the 60-and-not-humid runs soon enough. 🙂

  5. It was such a hot, humid summer here. I kept my workouts indoors and hiked when the weather was on the cooler side (which wasn’t often.) I love all the tips you shared. I’m sure it really is a mental game.

  6. I’m lucky to run in a mostly temperate climate…we generally have humidity but not the temps at the same time. It does get hot for maybe a month so occasionally we’ll bake but compared to what y’all deal with, I can’t complain!

  7. So glad it is starting to cool down for you! We are having cooler weather too – still in the 80’s, but the mornings and evenings have been so much nicer!

  8. I have to tell you, this has been by far, one of the worst summers for me and running. I ran more outdoors when I was pregnant with Sebastian in the summer heat and with a jogging stroller. I need to get my groove back. I need an intervention. HA. You always inspire me!

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