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Need for Speed and Must Haves for Fall Racing.

Well hey there! I was so happy to get back out on the roads this morning with the Irving Running Club crew. 7.77 miles for me total with some 800s thrown in on the track towards the end! It’s just something about being out on the track that I love…pushing myself and getting it done.


So today since fall is fast approaching I thought I’d give you some of my must haves for the fall racing season! This without a doubt is my favorite time of year for running. Although it’s still pretty warm down here in Texas (yep we haven’t said goodbye to 90 degree days just yet) I can feel the temps dropping somewhat in the morning, my pace picking up and just feeling stronger overall. Come on mother nature! Keep that cool breeze coming.

Here are some of my essentials in no particular order…

Capri leggings- I basically am in love with anything Nike related because they always are good about including zippers for me to drop my car key in when I’m running around in the mornings. Plus they just have so many colorful patterns and they’re very comfortable an easy to move around in.



Breathable tank tops- Down here it’s just still so humid but it’s getting a tad cooler in the mornings, so these tops are perfect and breathable for those sticky sweaty 5 AM miles right before the sun comes up.

Good sports bra- I don’t know about you, but boob chafing for me is very real. I really need good support for the girls and a good sports bra really goes a long way.

Half zip for chilly mornings- This will be more useful as we enter the months of October and November but I love having a cozy half zip running top when it’s 50 and below for running. It’s always important to dress as if it’s about 15-20 degrees warmer so I just need something light I can tie around my waist once I really get going.



Massager- I pretty much keep things like this and also my foam roller around my house for easy access at all times. Grab this and roll some of those kinks out while you’re watching TV and you’re good to go.

Garmin w/ built in HR monitor- Lately I’ve been peeping the Garmin 235 for fall (I got to test it at a social run recently and fell in love) and winter training. I love that it has a heart rate monitor already built in as well as other awesome technical stats that will really keep you motivated on the run.

What are some of your essentials for fall racing?

20 thoughts on “Need for Speed and Must Haves for Fall Racing.”

  1. i have the garmin 235 and love it! i definitely didnt want something with a chest strap and this is just perfect. i think of the geeze 100 times i’ve used it i’ve only had the monitor not pick up my heartrate twice. worth the investment to me for sure

    1. Ah good to know! Thank you for the mini review 🙂 I’m in the market for a new one since my Forerunner 10 broke recently! Back in the day I had the chest strap and simply could not stand it!!

  2. I also have the 235 and have never had an issue with it! Love the built in HRM. I only have issues with it picking up HR if it isn’t tight on my wrist and moves around a bit.

  3. Lucky 7’s!

    I am a big fan of arm warmers for racing in the fall. They are great for when you’re standing in the cold waiting for your race to start, but you can peel them off after a couple of miles when you’re warmed up!

    Fall is when my mileage usually ramps up, so I also love compression socks (Pro Compression or Zensah are my fave brands), great for relaxing in after a long run!

    1. Rebecca! Speaking of ramping up in mileage…I could totally see you running an ultra! Let me know if you ever think about jumping into the ultra pool and I can convince you to run Rocky Raccoon with me. *evil laughter*

      1. Eeek…. I don’t know about RR! But count me in for Cowtown, I think I’m convinced. 🙂

        Are you doing Rockledge Rumble? I’m doing the 30k. That’s about the extent of my bravery on the trails!

      2. I’ve got two 26.2s to finish before the end of the year and am thinking about throwing some shorter runs in there. Rockledge Rumble is on the radar but I am probably going to focus more on some quality back to back long runs leading up to my next ultra around that time. 😉 Hope you enjoy it though! You’ll love the Cowtown 50k. I’ll be there as well.

    1. I have a few rich friends (haha) that have the Fenix and they love it! I’ve gotten a chance to see all that it can do and it is truly remarkable how much data that thing holds. I’m not paying $600 for a watch though! Maybe I can find a deal somewhere…lol I’ll let you know if that happens!

  4. The cold weather is COMING!!!!!!…. There are no excuses for me now lol

    My favorite thing about running in the cold is the warm gear and the crisp air!

    Have a great weekend friend 🙂

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