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5 Ways to Enjoy a Solo 20 Mile Run.

I was able to get in 8 miles just before 7 am this morning with a few speedy strides thrown in. It is so crazy to me how fall is a few days away yet we are still dealing with 90 degree temps down in Texas! I simply cannot wait for it to cool off. Soon and very soon. I am more than ready.


So I was thinking about my 20 miler this past weekend and how good it felt to get most of this run done solo. I actually prefer to do these longer runs with friends because time goes by waay faster but I believe that there are a few things you can do to pass the time if you do 20+ mile runs solo. I mean, you are out there for more than a couple of hours so the more distractions, the better. Am I right?

1. Download a great runner podcast. Right now I recommend this one and this one. I am telling you, you will truly feel like you are running with friends and at the same time get a wealth of information (and even some laughs)

2. Break up the run in your head. It sure does make it seem more realistic if you think of 20 miles as 2 ten mile runs (or maybe four 5 milers?) Once I get past the half marathon point things get real interesting. But then I just start counting down once I hit 15 miles and things start flying by.

3. Sing along to some music (in between breaths of course). Yes, sometimes you do get loopy after running for hours by yourself so singing is a nice distraction and way to make the miles happy.

4. Find a new scenic place to run your 20 miles. It definitely helps to change up your route a bit and pick somewhere new so you can have something beautiful to look at along the way.

5. Take this time running by yourself to work some things out in your head. I tell you what running 20 miles you can do some of the best brainstorming ever. Moving meditation is my favorite.


What are some ways you mentally and/or physically get through a 20 mile solo run?

13 thoughts on “5 Ways to Enjoy a Solo 20 Mile Run.”

  1. Oh, man, I can’t imagine 20 miles by myself! The longest I’ve (kind of) done on my own was 18 miles, but I broke it up into 2 loops of White Rock Lake and convinced a friend to join me for one of those loops. So it really only felt like one loop by myself!

    And yeah, I’m over this summer weather! We kind of had a tease last week.

  2. Great tips.

    I try to be mindful of my strides. Paying attention to how my leg feel. And just let the miles go by. Otherwise it is too mentally torturing. Granted it is a long time to be mindful of oneself but for long distance runners that is not a bad habit to cultivate.

    1. Mentally it is all in how you look at it too. If you tell yourself it is going to be a shitty run then highly likely it will be. Your attitude in running a 20 by yourself is absolutely everything. Stay positive, take your time and enjoy it!

  3. You know what? For me, all my long runs are just time to myself. I love running them on my own or with my running buddy. As a mom with two young kids, I sometimes just need those long runs to clear my head. Great tips!

  4. I haven’t done a 20 mile run in a year now (yikes) — I miss doing those long runs! I’ve only ever done them solo and definitely miss it. You’re killing it!

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