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Chasing the Sun and Benefits of Hill Running.

8.2 miles this morning chasing the sun with my run club crew. Seriously the miles felt like they literally flew by today. I have no idea why…I think I get carried away in conversation with friends and then before you know it…I’m several miles in! I love days like this.


So as of late my training has included lots of running hills. I actually used to dread them (and rarely ever did them!) but I think once you do it more your legs really do get stronger. Here are a few benefits in no particular order of running those mounds of opportunity.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.14.07 AM

Better leg strength. You really do build up your leg muscles on hills. And we all know that leg strength equals a stronger runner out on those roads.

Less impact on your joints than a flat/fast pavement road. It’s actually pretty opposite of what I would think about running hills…but specifically going uphill is less of a hit to your bones and joints. There is however more of an impact when you do some downhill running…so just make sure you focus more on the uphill, and then easy heading back down. You will be in good shape.



Helps you focus more on your form. I don’t know about you but when I’m headed uphill I definitely not only focus on my form but my breathing and just how everything works in general. It’s kind of like a great workout for both your body and your mind.

It’s speedwork in disguise. It’s amazing how running lots of hills will make you faster on a flatter surface. Your legs will be stronger and more conditioned if you put them to the test with hills.

It helps you mix things up a little bit. Pretty much now a few times a week I make a point to find an incline in my neighborhood and go up it. It really does wonders for mixing up my workouts and keeping things both spicy and exciting. Click here for some more ideas of different types of hill workouts to play around with.

What is your favorite type of running workout?
I do like hills but I have to say hands down…I love the long run.

13 thoughts on “Chasing the Sun and Benefits of Hill Running.”

  1. I used to live in a city full of hills so hill training was never really a choice for me, it was just part on my normal running routine… I moved to England a few months ago and the landscape here is SO FLAT! Running actually feels harder now on the flat because I was so used to the hills. It feels like starting back from the start…

    I hope yo are enjoying the fresher weather. Autumn running is so much more pleasant, isn’t it? 🙂

      1. All of England is flat… The Peak and Lake Districts are very hilly! But Lincolnshire where I live is a very flat land… I’m sure you’d enjoy running here! London also have beautiful parks. If you ever visit, I’d recommend Battersea Park and Hyde Park. 🙂

        I bet winter in Texas is not too cold, it must be great!

  2. My favorite type of run is intervals…I just love the mix between slow pace running and sprinting. Makes everything more fun and wonderfully sweaty:-) I´d love to do hills, but unfortunately there aren´t many where I live… but maybe I should drive a bit to get some hill work in;-)

  3. Definitely a love/hate for the hill runs, but I do them because I recognize the benefits! You made great points here 🙂

  4. I know how a different outlook on hills… that is all our neighborhood is so not much choice lol – It totally switches things up but I can tell my legs are stronger from it. These are great pointers! 🙂

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