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Hello Monday, Thank You Strong Legs and Wknd Recap.

Hello Monday! Hope your week is getting off to a grand start. Let’s do some recapping real quick, shall we?


So the weekend started off on a strong note with some Saturday morning miles. 18 miles done. I am working my way back up to my last 20 something miler which will be next Saturday…then it’s 3 weeks out till race day baby! I cannot wait to be back in Washington DC running the Marine Corps Marathon. It will be my 21st full marathon. This training season has gone so well this far and I’m really feeling good about race day. Woot woot.


Later on in the day I celebrated with some cajun food over at Pappadeaux. Me and mama split the shrimp and andouille sausage. Seriously the lunch deal is so much food. So glad we split it! Awesomeness.


Then I went out on the town for a bit with friends. Saturday calls for sassy colorful dresses.


Sunday lunchtime run. 8 peaceful miles out in this beautiful park. I’m in love with this view.


And a grand total of just over 68 miles in training last week. I’m working up to a 70 something mile week one more time and then scaling things back. Thank you, strong legs for getting me through.

How was your weekend? What kind of trouble (ha) did you get into?

12 thoughts on “Hello Monday, Thank You Strong Legs and Wknd Recap.”

  1. Congratulations on the mileage and good luck on race day! 🙂 Beautiful dress too, you look fabulous!

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