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22 Miles, Matching Backpacks and Wknd Recap.

Hey there! Hope you had a marvelous weekend. I got my Monday started with 8 glorious miles in the ‘hood. I am in love with this sunrise view.


This past weekend was my last big run before the Marine Corps Marathon! We are 3 weeks out so I’ll be scaling back the miles just a bit after this. 22 miles…and my homegirl joined me for a bit. It’s so nice to have a little company for long runs like this.


I think me and Barbie get along so well because we have matching Camelbak backpacks. These sure do come in handy when it comes to hydration.


She ran about 16 of those 22 miles with me and then I was out on my own. Seriously I felt super strong for a majority of this run. My legs got a little tired towards the end but the cooler temps made for a nice strong overall pace. Hallelujah for that.


Later on that day I refueled with some chicken, black beans and rice from Pollo Tropical. This joint is from Miami and they just brought it to the Dallas area. I’m basically obsessed with their citrus fire grilled chicken.


After that it was a whole lotta rest, church and such. I was in bed by like 9:30 p.m. Wild Saturday night.

Sunday I got up early and ran some recovery miles in the ‘hood with some of my IRC crew and then tracked my friends that were running the Chicago Marathon! So fun. Seriously the app was so on point. Every time one of my friends finished it sent me a notification with their finish time and everything. So freaking awesome. They all totally crushed it.

And I ended the week with a bang…75.6 miles total. Feeling good feeling great!


How was your weekend? Did you run the Chicago Marathon or any other awesome race? Tell me about it!

10 thoughts on “22 Miles, Matching Backpacks and Wknd Recap.”

  1. Such a great week! I love Pollo Tropical. I’m from south Florida, so I grew up with regular visits to our local shop. I really like the tomato balsamic salad.

  2. Girl, you killed that 22 miler with an awesome pace too. You’re so ready for MCM. I’m bummed we won’t be meeting but next year??? I got my BIB in the mail too. 😦

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