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My Favorite Yoga Pose and Top Shoe Picks for Marathon Training.

8.5 miles before 7 am this morning getting it in with the IRC crew. I have to say this is probably one of my favorite yoga poses hands down. I am always in need of a good stretch especially lately since I have been upping my mileage. Good stuff. I have round 2 tonight, some easy miles before the day is over. But I always love to get it in early.


So speaking of mileage and marathon training, I thought I would share some of my top shoe picks when it comes to going the distance. Everyone is different but this is what has worked for me in the several years of training and racing.

Newton Fate: I am such a fan of Newtons and these shoes are so great for a neutral foot. They have plenty of room in the toe area and are nice and fairly minimal which is great for racing. When it comes to Newtons I definitely recommend you break them in a bit before going all in with training. They are more of a minimalist type shoe but they are great for helping with your leg and foot strength. I recommend giving them a try if you are looking to get stronger and faster for sure.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 8.42.17 AM

Asics Kayanos: Asics were the first shoes that I started running in when I began this marathon journey. They are honestly the tried and true type of running shoes when you are building distance. My old faithful Asics have never let me down over the years. There are so many different types of Asics on the market so I recommend you go to a running shoe store and try on different models to see what works for you. My feet just happen to absolutely love Kayanos as of late.


Brooks Defyance: These don’t have as much room in the toe area but they are again great shoes for weekly training and building mileage. These also have a great grip at the bottom for those rainy days or navigating muddy and slippery surfaces. I am honestly not completely sold on the Brooks brand but if I had to choose a Brooks shoe it would definitely be this one.

Hoka Bondi: So these shoes are definitely not for everyone but if you are looking for some extra support they are worth a try. I personally never raced in these but if you are wanting to play around on trails and get in more mileage these are a good choice. They provide a ridiculous amount of support and stability too. I used to call these my moon shoes because they were definitely different from the norm! It takes some time to get used to this model of shoe but try them out if you are feeling open minded. I’d go back to these for trail/ultra runs for sure. Read more about my experience with these shoes here.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 9.28.35 AM

What are your top shoe picks for marathon training?

13 thoughts on “My Favorite Yoga Pose and Top Shoe Picks for Marathon Training.”

  1. These are all great options! I think I have ran with all of them except the Newtons- but I have heard good things. I have used Brooke’s ghosts for years, but lately they have felt a bit stiff. I’m wondering if it’s time to change it up a bit as my body is a bit older than it was six years ago! Thanks for sharing- I’ll need to check one of these out! Love that yoga pose too. Happy running!

  2. Of course you love that pose! 😉 little dancer. The Asics photo is so pretty!! I’m hooked on my Altra One2.5 for training fast and racing and Altra Torins for long distance training.

  3. Thanks for the tips! I just started running in Brooks Launch and love them for faster days. I’m definitely going to check out Newtons!

  4. Nice shoe choices!! I just wrote about how much I love my new adidas sneaks. Adidas are new running shoes for me as I normally stick to brooks, but they’re great. Have a great run today!!

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