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Trinity River Run, Good Times and Wknd Recap.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I did a little bit of racing, teaching spin class and celebrating with fun friends! Let’s recap, shall we?


Saturday a.m. I got in a total of 10 miles with a few hills thrown in. Followed by teaching/subbing a 8 a.m. spin class. It’s always fun when you can get in not 1 but 2 workouts before most people even get out of bed on the weekend. I love it.

The rest of the day was filled with mostly errands, church, then a cocktail party! Cocktails for Charity to be exact. Love me some Yelp Dallas.


I danced the night away with good friends, ate some awesome food and had a couple of libations. Good times indeed.


Sunday morning was fairly chill. I did a little carb loading and went to this place for breakfast. Most amazing bagels hands down. Highly recommended.

In the evening I ran a half marathon! The Trinity River Run was held in the Trinity Groves area part of Dallas. Some of my running club was out there pacing but I was just doing a fun run for the day. It was a nice little training run before the Dallas Marathon in December. My main goal for the race was to run under 2 hours and that was honestly it. Coming off of a full marathon just 2 weeks ago I just wanted to enjoy a fun evening of running with friends.


The course itself was alright, there were a couple of small hills but it was mostly a flat course. This is a fairly new race and I hear there were a TON of kinks last year with just a lot of disorganization. We actually did not have ANY water on the course until about mile 5…then the water was few and far between after that. Some folks that finished after me said most of the aid stations even ran completely out of water at one point. I was glad I took care of my hydration issues before this race but mostly felt parched and wished they had done a better job at the aid stations. Overall this was an okay race but I am not sure unless my running club ran it that I would run it again. There are just too many issues that need to be worked on.


Not a terrible time for dealing with all of the course issues. It was worth it because we ate at an awesome place afterwards.

Love me some Chino Chinatown. Delicious Latin/Asian fusion for the win.


When it was all said and done I got in a total of 58.9 miles for the week. Slowly making my way back up there! I love me some higher mileage.


How was your weekend? Did anyone run a fun (or hot mess like mine) race?

10 thoughts on “Trinity River Run, Good Times and Wknd Recap.”

  1. You look gorgepus in that dress! Did your feet hurt after dancing the night away in heels? Mine do!
    Never heard of Latin/Asian fusion. Sounds intriguing.
    I went to a wonderful yoga seminar with some work friends on Saturday.

  2. I love the dress too!! Cheers to a great night!!

    I wonder if the RD put out a survey or anything from last year’s race that could have helped with the issues this year. You should never run out of water no matter how large or small a race is, especially if they said it would be provided. I ran a Half last year that was mostly bridges, no support on the bridges so they had just thrown cases of bottled water out along the course for you to stop and take as needed. There were no trash cans so you had to take the bottle with you. Plastic is not good for the wildlife/fish in the FL panhandle. If I would have known ahead of time, I would have had worn my hydration vest. Lesson Learned!!

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