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You Know You’re Dating a Runner When…


-Their idea of actual fun is getting up at 4 & 5 in the morning to go for miles and miles.

-And don’t even expect them to be available for anything on a Saturday until about 9 am.

-They will need a power nap also, especially after a 20 miler. So leave them be. They will be cranky if that power nap does not happen.

-The most amazing thing you could do as the boyfriend/spouse/significant other is to bring them mimosas and/or coffee after a long run on the weekends. You will be the real MVP.

-You look in their closet and it’s nothing but running clothes and/or shoes. Okay, and maybe some cute dresses and heels tucked in the corner…for those days when they want to actually get all fancy and cute.

-They sign up for races in beautiful destinations…because hello, that is what RACE-cations are for.

-They are not shy about eating CARBS…hey fellas, you want to take her out to eat a burger? That runner girl will eat a damn burger with you. And still look amazing in a cocktail dress. Can I get an amen?

Add to the list! You know you’re dating a runner when…

25 thoughts on “You Know You’re Dating a Runner When…”

  1. Haha, love it! Also, you will be expected to be a sherpa for long races. Be prepared to get up early to drop them off at the start line, carry extra water/nutrition/layers, navigate around the race route and then drive their stinky butt home!

    My sweet husband has the race sherpa thing down to a science.

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