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Getting Back on the Hills and 4 Ways Running Changed My Life.

I’ve been back at it doing some more hill training this week…this morning I tackled a pretty steep hill we have in the ‘hood. Lovingly known as ‘Mount KFC’. Yes, that is because the fast food chain is right at the top. Gotta love it. One day I will grab a bucket of chicken when I’m done with that climb. Just kidding! Or am I?


So I was thinking the other day about how the simple act of running has totally transformed my life for the better. I know those of you that are distance runners can surely relate. Here are five wonderful ways I’ve been changed through pounding out the miles.

It has made me a more productive & optimistic person. Honestly morning runs for me are like my coffee. I can totally tell in my mood when I don’t get that run in. That saying ‘it’s fine…I ran today’ totally makes sense to me. Gotta love those happy endorphins.

It has brought amazing people into my life. I can’t begin to express how many wonderful friendships I’ve made through this sport. We’ve talked about so much and shared so many laughs on those long runs. And for that I am thankful.

Running races has allowed me to explore and see places on foot. I’ve discovered some of my most favorite cities (San Diego, D.C., New Orleans, the list goes on) and even random country towns in Texas through running ultras and marathons. There’s nothing like fall on the east coast…love traveling there especially for 26.2.

This sport has given me a wonderful outlet from the day to day hustle and bustle. This quote totally rings true. I love it.


How has running changed your life?

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