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Hill Seeker and a Smashrun Review.

10.2 miles this morning enjoying the breeze and pretty views off the lake. I was excited too because I discovered some random hills along my route. Gotta love that, right? I am working on being more of a hill seeker. Both in running and in life. Whatever that means. I know, real deep right?


Anyway, speaking of mileage I thought I’d do a quick review of a new running site I am kind of loving called Smashrun.



Lately I have been a bit of a data nerd. I love seeing random facts about my run, and looking at all of my stats on one page. And calories burned…like the few times I ran enough to eat an entire roasted chicken? Not that I would do that, or anything. You know. Just because it’s funny.


I have synced in a lot of my runs from previous years on Smashrun, although there are many runs that have not been tracked simply because I have run with different apps and platforms etc over a 7 year time span that I have been running and training for marathons. But it does give me all of my PRs in one setting and it also gives me badges and random tidbits from each run every day.



You can sync it up with your Garmin, Strava or whatever other platform that you use. You can also use it as a social site and add friends, tweet or Facebook your runs directly from there, or write your goals down there for each month or year. So it’s kind of like a runner diary of sorts.


So far I love the site although right now I’m primarily using both Garmin Connect and Strava to track my runs and for social media purposes. It’s just another site to sync your runs and compare data. There’s also a PRO option to join for a fee and then you get even more stats and random data.

If you join let me know how you like it!

Have you ever used Smashrun or any analytics type site for your running?

18 thoughts on “Hill Seeker and a Smashrun Review.”

  1. I may have to give Smashrun a try. I used to use Nike’s app, but they made too many changes to it that I don’t really like it anymore. I’ll be switching to only using Strava for 2017. Thanks for the info!

    1. It’s excellent for analytics and syncing your data from your Garmin or GPS watch. I would say Strava is more interactive and social. I am on Strava along with my entire running club and we give each other kudos, compete on the leaderboard and etc. But if you like seeing all of your data in one place and comparing stats then you’ll enjoy it. You can utilize both in different ways.

      1. Cool! Yep, it syncs with my watch too!! LOL! I’m thedancingrunner on there I believe. I don’t interact on there like I do on Strava though if you find me. LOL just a warning.

  2. I’ve heard about Smashrun!!! I’m psyched to read your review! I’m a data nerd too. I’m definitely checking them out. For me, it’s Garmin Connect which I’m really loving. Especially with the automatic synch to my iPhone. Happy New Year, Girl!!!

  3. I use Smashrun, Garmin Connect, Strava and Nike Plus. It’s kind of ridiculous but I like different things about each of them. I don’t like the Nike updates for training anymore but it’s the only app I like for tracking mileage on my shoes.

  4. Hey Chelsea…love Smashrun, been using it all year creating my account on Jan 1st…use it along with Garmin Connect and Strava. Really enjoy the fun analytics and it has some very cool features like being able to track a projected finish time as your run progresses. I’ve been tempted to go premium but can’t decide between premium Smashrun or premium Strava, so stuck with the freebie on each!

  5. Looks like I need to try another app! I’m seriously a running app nerd, I think I have 7-8 currently connected to my garmin. It’s just so easy, once your synced up they all update. Strava is currently my fave, but I do love trying new ones as they all give different kinds of data. Do you use basic apps, or do you upgrade to the premium/paid for versions?

    1. I stick to mostly basic, actually decided today to do a trial version of Strava just for a month…but to me it still doesn’t seem worth it to sign up full time! There are some cool things to experiment with but for 60 bucks a year I’m just not convinced honestly.

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