You Know You’re a Runner When…Continued.

Okay, yes I lucked out with yet another brilliant sunrise this a.m. Definitely worth the 10 mile journey. I had to capture a shot of the colors of the sky at the end of my run.


So I did a post like this one not too long ago so I thought I’d continue. You know you’re a runner when…

-6 miles in the morning is no big deal to you anymore. Or 8, or 10 but…who’s counting.

-You go on a long run with a friend to sort out life’s problems. Some of the most wonderful conversations are the ones I’ve had with buddies on the run. It’s something about miles that open people up.

-If your Garmin doesn’t sync up to Strava…did you really even run at all?

-You have to keep running just past the mile marker to get your desired magic number for the day. And we all have that magic number.

-Your coworkers ask you “so when is your next marathon”? Immediately after running a race.

-RUNger. Nuff said. The struggle is real.

-Your legs are stronger than steel and take you places you wouldn’t have gone otherwise. I love being Dora the Explorer.

Finish the sentence! You know you’re a runner when…

16 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Runner When…Continued.”

  1. You keep an extra pair of running shoes and clothes at the office in case you decide to go for a last minute run. (Also an extra pair in the car!… YOU NEVER KNOW!).

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