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Perfectly Happy Running for Hours, Timing of the Storm and Wknd Recap.

Happy MLK day to you! I thought I’d start this post with one of my favorite quotes ever…it’s kind of how life is going for me at the moment. In running and in life! But I love it! I think I’m going to have to put this up on my wall at work somewhere.


So let’s recap the weekend, shall we? A lot of my friends are feeling very MEH down here in Dallas. I am not a serious Cowboys fan but I tell you what…I feel it in the air today. And not only that…but we had some insane weather come through last night immediately after the game! We are very used to tornadoes and such down here but the irony and timing of the storm right when the game was over…so crazy.



Anyways…on to happier things! Let’s recap Saturday. I was up early for a run at White Rock Lake. I needed to get some serious mileage in since I’ve got some ultra races in the horizon. My plan had 30 miles for the day. 30 MILES! I knew the best way to tackle this one was to knock out some loops and then some on the lake. It was actually fun because I ventured out beyond the lake and into some of the beautiful neighborhoods of East Dallas to add on mileage. They have some awesome hills out there too. But…when it was all said and done. I got it done…and all in less than 5 hours. Yes, I am one of those crazy runners that is perfectly happy running for HOURS and in my own head. I believe this has a lot to do with the fact that I’m an only child and am really good at entertaining myself. HA. Not sure.


So anyway…the rest of the weekend was basically shot after that. I ran some errands but spent a lot of time on the couch looking kind of like this.


Sunday I did an 11 mile recovery run…it was foggy and rainy and dreary all weekend and the run was pretty underwhelming. But it got done! And it actually felt good to be out there (SLOW) running and not real sore. I think I paced myself pretty well for the 30 so the body felt good but I was just mentally tired.


A little over 85 miles in running last week. It feels good to actually say that since it’s the most I’ve ever run. Maybe one day I’ll hit 100. You’ll be the first to know.


And honestly I could not have gotten through the weekend itself without pizza. Pizza is the food of heaven. Don’t judge me.


How was your weekend? Any other ultra runners out there or am I the only crazy one in the bunch?

27 thoughts on “Perfectly Happy Running for Hours, Timing of the Storm and Wknd Recap.”

  1. that’s an amazing running weekend, wow! we had the depressing fog of defeat to deal with as well on Sunday and it was a seriously blah day, not to mention the hangover…no running for me at all but it’s time to get going again…what distance are you training for on your ultra?

  2. Wow, impressive! I will (hopefully) be in the ultra-runner club after Cowtown in February. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little scurred.

    And YES to pizza, one of my favorite foods of all time.

      1. I’m just saying…once you run a 50 miler (if you are crazy enough to do so) you will understand. Do not get me wrong, it is still an accomplishment but merely a stepping stone to greater things. This will all make sense when you finish your first ultra. And you WILL finish! Have a wonderful night, lady!

  3. YOU ARE MY IDOL. What the heck- 30 miles followed by 11?!?! Seriously- amazing. I have never done more than 26.2 in a race… and I don’t know if I could have done that without the adrenaline of a race. Howeverrrrr, if I had wine and pizza to tempt me at the end of it, then I think I could possibly use that as motivation! Ah I need to do a race soon. You inspire me!

      1. I appreciate your faith in me. Haha. You’ll be the first to know when I complete an ultra. But don’t hold your breath 😉 Someday!!

  4. Impressive time on the 30m! I did 11m of trails in sleet and rain the day after my 2nd ever crossfit class and I could barely walk Saturday evening.

    1. Sounds great! Be careful going hard on Crossfit! It’s fun but tempting to overdo it which can result in injury. If done correctly though it can be a great compliment to running. 😉 Happy training, Russ!

  5. I remember seeing your 30 mile run on Strava and thinking, “Holy crap. She finished her 30 miler only a little faster than my marathon time AND she ran 4 more miles than I did.” Brava Chelsea, brava! 🙂

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