The ABCs of Marathon Training.

So along with summer comes lots of us racking up the miles and gearing up for fall marathons. So I thought I’d do a fun post on the ABCs of everything you need to do in order to have a successful training season. Let’s get to it!

-Acclimate to the weather. Especially in the summer time lots of us have to get used to running in the heat. For me it helps to not only run in the mornings but to do some miles during the heat of the day. Just to be sure get your hydration on during and after.

-Buy the right gear. Whether it’s a fuel belt for your hydration or the latest Garmin or GPS watch you always want to make sure your gear is on point for those long training runs.

-Carry some GU/fruit chewies/energy beans. Whatever is your fancy be sure you have the proper fuel to keep your energy stores high. This is especially important as you get into higher mileage. You need gas in the tank to keep going. My personal fave is the salted caramel GU. Gets the job done.

-Ditch the Friday night happy hours. Hey, if you are going to get up early on Saturday morning, it is your only option. That wine or margarita will still be waiting for you when your Saturday long run is complete.

-Enjoy every mile. Sure the first mile is always the hardest but once you get into your run, don’t spend a ton of time looking at your watch/obsessing over pace and what have you. Take the time to breathe, feel the wind on your face, and enjoying the beautiful nature around you.

-Face it – not every training run will be amazing. You will have days where you are just not feeling it, your legs will feel like lead and you are just not about that life. But the bad runs make the good runs even more amazing.

-Get over it – the hills that is! Do your hill training. It will make you a stronger runner that is for sure. Mounds of opportunity.

-Have a few running buddies that make the miles fly by faster. Whether that means joining a running club or just finding a few friends in your neighborhood that will join you for some miles. It makes things a lot more enjoyable sometimes if you have someone to talk to.

-If you have to – take an extra rest day. And don’t try to cram if you miss a day of running – just pick back up where you left off. Runners are not very good at rest days but we all need ‘em.

-Join Strava – it is so super motivating as a training tool. Find me on there if you join!

-Kicks are important. I’m talking about runner kicks, ya’ll! Yes, that is slang for running shoes. Be sure to change out your kicks every few months. I like to have a few in rotation that I run in so I don’t run one particular pair into the ground.

-Leave it all out on the track/trail/pavement. Whether that is the stress of the day, or just when it comes to pushing/challenging yourself on a speed workout. Hard work pays off in the end.

-Make time in your schedule for cross training. Yoga, cycling, swimming, strength training are all excellent options.

-Never push something that feels like an injury coming on. This goes back to the whole rest day thing. Better to take more time off than to push it and end up on the sidelines for the rest of the season.

-Outdoors is always better. Sure, the treadmill can be a great option if you are strapped for time, need to squeeze in some quick speedwork etc. But getting outside and getting some fresh air for that long run is where it’s at.

-Porta potties will always be gross and necessary evil. This is not really a tip or anything clearly. But if you are a runner, you already know. Nuff said.

-Quickie runs are better than not running at all.

-Run against traffic. Running with traffic is never a good idea. Safety first.

-Sunscreen is always a must. Trust me, in the summer months the last thing you want after a 20 mile run is a wicked sunburn. Also, the runner tan is very real.

-Try some all natural options for runner fuel. If you don’t like GU, or the energy chewies, I recommend dried fruit like cherries and etc. Also, medjool dates are pretty freaking fantastic.

-Understand that we are all on our own running journeys. Your training won’t always look like someone elses. Do you and do what you have to do to get to that starting line healthy and injury free.

-Vow to do your long run according to schedule…for the most part being consistent with the long run is the very thing that will keep your training going. It is the bread and butter of your training.

-What you eat is still important. Fuel your body with fresh foods, try and minimize the processed junk. Fuel your body for performance and the rest will fall into place.

-Xtra body glide is never a bad thing. Just trust me on that one.

-You are always stronger than you think you are. You can always do one more mile, and take another step.

-Zzz! Get that shut eye. Sleep is amazing.

Runners! What are some ABCs that you would add to the list?

15 thoughts on “The ABCs of Marathon Training.

  1. LOVE THIS!!! Prior to marathon training I thought the outhouses at public beaches along the way were never an option. After, I had a favourite one!

  2. great post Chelsea…i’ve been a bit absent from the blogging world and, unfortunately, the running world as well after getting hurt on my final long run in my marathon training plan…so frustrating!

  3. Stretching definitely, I am so bad about being consistent with stretching. I am just starting another half marathon training schedule and I can feel that stretching will be a must this time. Thankfully I just got a groupon for hot yoga. God bless groupon!!!!! hahahaha!!

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