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5 Hydrating Post Run Foods.

Hello there! In case you didn’t know – today is a special day. It is national watermelon day! I hope you get to celebrate by indulging in this sweet treat.

In honor of this day I thought I’d share some of my favorite post run foods to leave you feeling fully hydrated and satisfied! In no particular order…

1. Cucumbers & tomatoes. Preferably in a salad. I will slice up some cucumbers, throw some grape tomatoes in there and maybe sprinkle a little goat cheese on top and maybe a squeeze of lemon. So light and refreshing. Perfect snack to bring by the pool.

2. Post run smoothies. I have a plethora of delicious smoothie recipes too – here, here and here to name a few. Sometimes I will throw in a little plant based protein. Not only are these satisfying but they leave me feeling hydrated and I can sneak in random fruits and veggies. Spinach is definitely one of my favorite smoothie add ons.

3. Bell peppers. Love the baby ones…or slice ‘em up and serve with hummus. So yummy, crispy and colorful.

4. Strawberries/blueberries/blackberries. I will throw these in yogurt or just pop ‘em in my mouth and go. I just bought a ton of blackberries that were on sale, they are simply delicious.

5. Watermelon. Of course, how could we forget this amazing summer fruit. I could probably eat one whole. Love it especially as a salad with some feta and mint. Or with a squeeze of lime. YUM.

What are some of your favorite hydrating post run foods?

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