Running, Weekly Running Report

Weekly Running Report.

Hi there! Hope you are having a great Monday so far. Let’s recap some miles, shall we?! I was able to get in a little over 80 miles of running last week! Let’s see how it all went down.

Monday AM- 7.11 lunchtime miles. I am enjoying the sunshine breaks on my lunch break. It was the most perfect day to be out and about. Still pretty tired from the runs over the weekend but I managed to get it all in.

Monday PM- 3.02 miles before teaching class at the gym. I needed a bit of an energy boost after a long day at the 9 to 5.

Tuesday AM- 10.06 miles after the early morning rain. It definitely cooled things off a bit and we had a nice sunrise.

Tuesday PM- 3.21 miles in the evening around the lake. Love running along the lake path.

Wednesday AM- Another 7.11 miles on hump day. Loving me some lunchtime runs lately.

Wednesday PM- 4.05 miles because I had time to kill in the afternoon since I wasn’t teaching a class.

Thursday AM- Back with my run club! IRC run and then some. I started this run early and then met up with the club. 11.2 miles done.

Thursday PM- Got off work a tad early, more time to kill. Running is clearly my happy hour. 4.31 miles in the PM.

Friday- Running on my rest day. 5.11 miles before kind of a crazy work day.

Saturday- 16.11 morning miles before a busy Saturday.

Went to the fair with my homegirl Natalie. It is our fall tradition. So much fun and so many people! But we had a great time people watching.

Sunday AM- 5.12 trail miles for breakfast. Love my trail run crew. They are like my 2nd family.

Sunday PM- 4.22 miles after taking a nap and straight chillin. Beautiful miles in the city loving the sunshine.

Oh and I finally made a trip to Trader Joe’s for my fall harvest blend tea. Hallelujah. The holiday tea collection begins. Now I need some Christmas tea.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? What is your favorite fall/Christmas/holiday beverage?

17 thoughts on “Weekly Running Report.”

  1. I’m amazed by how many miles you are able to get in. You may be inspiring me to up my mileage a bit, even though I am currently not training for anything in particular.

  2. I love that you don’t always have I ran 25 miles, day after day after day. Makes it more real and awesome to see that you are someone who balances it all out.

  3. Hmmm I may need to add to my tea stash! How do run on your lunch hour? I would love to, but don’t know if I have time to run and shower???

    1. So funny I keep getting this question. I should probably preface every time I post that I run at lunch that I work across the street from the gym that I teach at. So quick rinse, go back to work, boom. I know not everyone is as fortunate. 😉 It’s a blessing really!

      1. Oh that is awesomely convenient! I was just talking about doing this with my friend Lyndsay at lunch but we work halfway up a hill, so you are always going up and down and with only 44 minutes, i just don’t think I’m going to make it happen:( The sunshine today is making me want to be out there though!

    1. I can’t drink the lattes, but I love the idea of a PSL in the fall!! I drink typically just drink a coffee, and ask them for a pump or two of syrup, less calories. You’re welcome.

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