Top Five Tips for Surviving HOT Long Runs.

Happy Tuesday! Hope your holiday weekend was long and luxurious. It was a hot and humid one here!! I still managed to get some running in. It is getting to be that time of year again where folks want to beat the heat to survive their long training runs. Here are a few ways that I have been able to survive HOT long runs thus far!

1. The longer the training run, for me the earlier in the day I like to get it done. I personally love early mornings provided that I get enough shut eye so when I know I have a looming 5 AM run I make it a priority to get my rest. Let’s be honest waking up early to workout sometimes sucks but I am all about the end result.

2. Electrolytes matter. Especially with these longer runs and in the heat. Since I live in Texas it is pretty much hot and humid during all times of the day in the summer time. So that means salt tablets and your electrolyte beverages are all the more important!! You can purchase the electrolyte tabs (GU even makes them) at any running apparel store or outdoor store. I usually will take 1-2 during a 20+ mile run but some people take more.

3. Everyone’s body responds differently to different things, fuel wise. For some, a post run beverage of say cold chocolate milk does the trick. I have learned over the years that I cannot really do the dairy milk like that because sometimes it does a number on my stomach with digestion. But I love a good recovery type of smoothie with say non dairy milk like almond milk. Here’s one of my fave homemade recovery drinks, really hits the spot.

4. Slather on the sunscreen. I used to be super lazy about the sunscreen but I make sure to put it on everywhere now even on my face. I love the Neutrogena sport face sunscreen because its oil free and feels great on my skin. I even wear it under my makeup during the work week and it definitely helps my skin feel protected.

5. Don’t be all concerned with pace when it comes to running in the heat. Time on your feet is so important with marathon training especially. Be consistent with running and throw in some tempo runs etc and pace will follow. But you definitely tend to slow a bit the warmer it gets. I try to do some HOT training runs because I do think they make you stronger but just know that all of the training in the summer will make you much faster come fall and winter when it gets cooler.

What are some of your tips for surviving hot long runs?

10 thoughts on “Top Five Tips for Surviving HOT Long Runs.

  1. for anything over 40 minutes i bring my hydration belt with water specifically to pour on my head. i overheat so quickly if I have any chance for survival I have to bring water to cool me down. Houston summers are NO JOKE!

  2. Lots and lots of water! I bring out my hydration pack and use it on a lot of runs that I normally wouldn’t any other time of year.

  3. Struggling to adjust already since this is my first summer running in this heat…. definitely made the switch to NUUN hydration already and I do plan on running earlier in the day now… but man, this humidity SUCKS!

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