I am so honored to be featured on Sofia’s “August Blog Discovery” this week!! You guys should definitely check it out and follow her wonderful blog as well!

I love blogs. I read probably closer to 50 blogs regularly ranging from studying to horses to fitness. I read blogs in both English and Finnish and am constantly on the search for new interesting blogs to follow. Sometimes the sheer amount of interesting blogs available gets so overwhelming  that it’s impossible to keep track of them all! To help fellow blog enthusiasts find some interesting reads in the fitness and running world, I’ve decided to start a post series where I hand pick a new blog I’ve discovered lately and share it here! This is going to be fun.

The first monthly pick goes to The Dancing Runner! The Dancing Runner is a running- focused blog written by Chelsea, who describes herself as not ever being a very athletic kid but rather more of a writing and fine arts type. She attended her school choir and wrote…

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  1. The pleasure is all mine! Chelsea’s blog really gave me the whole idea to start this series as this is just the kinda blog I love reading but sometimes it’s really hard to find the true gems in the sea of blogs out there.

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