Tuesday Run Humor.

In case you need to laugh a little today (I know I sure do!) here are some run giggles. Enjoy and get your laugh on.

Because the chafing struggle is very real.

My biggest pet peeve lately…groups of walkers that like to take up an entire sidewalk with seemingly no direction in life.

The below is especially true when I start talking about ultras. Which is why I usually avoid talking about ultras to non runners at all costs.

The beauty of the morning run.

If I was balling out of control I would do ALL.OF.THE.RACES. For sure.

It’s just 26.2 miles. It’s like working a half day at work.

Has something funny happened to you on the run lately? Do share!
Aside from literally falling on my face a few weeks ago (I know, it was as fun as it sounds) I’ve got nothing.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Run Humor.”

  1. After the NYC Marathon, I usually go to the nearest Crunch gym to shower. I go to the gym because I want to go out and celebrate with friends, a steak, and gin after finishing. If I go home then I know that I’m not going back out. After the year before last’s marathon, I yelled so loud in the shower at Crunch that someone asked if I was ok. I thought the locker room was empty. Eh, random embarrassment has never gotten me down.

  2. What’s crazy to me is that there’s literally nothing else that I’m willing to do for 4 straight hours, but I’ll run that long! Runners are crazy, there’s no denying it.

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