Random Thoughts Thursday.

The weather down here in Texas has been a true up and down roller coaster ride! I’m telling you it was 80 (!) degrees YESTERDAY and today temps are in the 40s. Unbelievable. But I kinda love it. Crazy weather at its finest.

This morning’s run was also one of those mental / mind game kind of runs. Every fiber of my being wanted to be done with that run at about mile 2 due to lightning and heavy rain. That progressively got worse the longer I ran. But I kept pushing. And may or may not have almost got struck by lightning? But yeah, wrapped it up when things got nasty. Hey, I even dried myself off a bit and managed to get a selfie for the heck of it. See above.

I am so looking forward to this 54k race and being amongst the tall piney trees and escaping in the woods. It is simply just what I need right now. Countdown begins to my next ultra.

Today is Aaliyah’s birthday! I felt super nostalgic and listened to her playlist on Spotify all morning long.

I am really craving breakfast foods today for some reason. I only had coffee and a banana this morning but hmm…maybe breakfast for dinner?! Bacon and eggs? BAE. We shall see.

Hmm…should I add some Aaliyah songs to my spin cycle playlist for tonight’s class?! Decisions decisions. That fitness instructor life is hard sometimes.

Share something random with me today!

16 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Thursday.

  1. Random thought: If Aaliyah did not die in the crash, do you think she would still be as popular? Sometimes, I ask myself the same question regarding Biggie, Tupac, and TLC (specifically Left Eye). I mean TLC was about two seconds from breaking up at the time of Left Eye’s demise.

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