Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This week has been rather balmy for running down in Texas! We are slated to get close to 90 degrees today. I’ve been trying to find as much shade as possible. Plus all of the trees are lush and green. Loving this view.

Well, since my TV job as a producer/writer (yep, fun fact) is considered an ‘essential business’ (media) I have been working in the office. I keep my doors all the way closed while I write and ARM MYSELF with all of the cleaning things. Do what I gotta do for now. Blessed and thankful to stlll be working. What can I say.

Is it just me or is everyone and their grandma outdoors lately? I will be honest I try to avoid the main parts of the park for this very reason. I have been finding new routes lately which is great. People outside with their germs make me nervous.

It also doesn’t help that allergy season is very real. Please be nice to those of us who have allergies. We are gentle souls who mean well.

This quarantine activity book is forever cracking me up.

Plus a little funny for your Thursday.

Share something lighthearted and funny with me! I need some good news.

6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Thursday.”

  1. I guess that I should stop complaining about working from home, and be grateful that I still have a job to work from home.

    With the closing of gyms and other fitness centers, I’ve been noticing a lot more Johnny-come-lately runners.

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