Running, Weekly Running Report

Weekly Running Report.

Well happy short work week! Proceed with excitement. Hope you had a wonderful lovely long weekend. I’m here to recap some miles from last week! Let’s see how it all went down.

Monday- Rest day while catching up on work things and such. Work has been pretty intense lately so just trying to maintain a balance with it all. Got it all done though as well as some spring cleaning so it was a rather productive day.

Tuesday- 5.11 miles unwinding from the day and enjoying the sunset after work. Quite lovely and legs felt good after taking a rest day the day before.

Wednesday AM- Back to some double run days finally! I got up and got it in early. 8.22 miles done with some rolling hills in between. Since the humidity has been a killer I schedule a pit stop for hydration mid run. Always does the trick. I’ve also added the HUMA gels for these morning miles to give me a little caffeine boost.

Wednesday PM- 3.22 miles in the afternoon after work. Felt good to have some left in the tank for this one.

Thursday AM- 7.12 miles back with the breakfast run club gang! Plus we had an amazing sunrise to boot. It was a bit of a social distancing run so we met up and then did our own thing. It made me remember how much I freaking love being done with bigger miles before 7 AM.

Thursday PM- 3.21 relaxed miles after work. Since I haven’t been teaching spin class (hopefully will be back at it soon, dang ‘Rona wrecking my instructor schedule) I really enjoy still doing the two a day thing. I think I’ll keep it up for a while.

Friday- 10.32 miles Friday so I could run with a friend I hadn’t run with in a while. She’s a tad faster so that was nice to pick up the pace a bit.

Saturday- 4.32 miles in the straight up rain. Straight up humidity with a faster finish/strides because rainy runs can be fun sometimes.

Sunday- Rest day and lotsa lake time. Lovely weekend indeed.

Looking pretty consistent on the maintenance miles over the last few weeks.

Plus passing the 1000 mile mark already for the year during month of May. Feeling good, feeling great.

Share your weekend with me! Anyone hit up the lake or poolside?

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