Running, Weekly Running Report

Weekly Running Report.

Happy new week to you! So I got my week started with a lovely sunrise and it really brought some joy into my day! You know what they say – ‘never miss a Monday’. Not sure who they are – likely some IG influencer. But you know what? It works for me especially when I follow it. Haha.

Let’s recap some miles from last week! I pushed over the 52 mile mark which was the most mileage I’ve done since the week I ran the Remix 50k! Here’s how it all went down.

Monday- Went on a “rave run” with my 2 run pals last week! 6.02 miles of wearing flashing lights and rocking out to my jams. Good times.

Tuesday AM- Hills for breakfast. 5.15 miles done.

Tuesday PM- Double run day miles! 3.03 relaxed miles after work watching the sunset.

Wednesday- 6.33 afternoon miles admiring the fall leaves. Much needed escape from the norm. And always love to change up the daily route keeping things exciting.

Thursday AM- Sunrise miles with the breakfast run club at my happy place. 8.12 miles and did most of the run with a friend then finished solo.

Thursday PM- 3.03 double run day miles on some tired legs. Just happy to get over 11 miles in for the day.

Friday- 4.03 miles with a bit of a faster finish. Kept it nice and short since I was running longer Saturday.

Saturday- 12.03 miles, warmer with clouds and lots of humidity! It was a bit of a death march at the end but got it done.

Sunday- 5.12 recovery miles on Sunday funday runday and run streak week complete! Feeling good, feeling great.

Plus delicious brunch pic of the week – fruit skewers, breakfast tacos and french toast muffins for the win.

And there you have it!

How was your week? Any delicious eats you want to share??

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