Running, Weekly Running Report

Weekly Running Report.

Happy new week! The sun is shining (finally) here in Texas which should make for some great running this week!! But first let’s get to some of last week’s miles. This was a bit of a recovery week for me after the 53 mile week the week before. I definitely feel like I needed it.

I mean really, check out this week’s forecast. Chilly mornings and all sun in the afternoons. Sunshine definitely is a mood booster.

Hooray for temps in the 60s in January.

Monday- Lovely lunch miles after the sun came out a bit. 5.22 relaxed miles to recover after taking a rest day from last weekend’s 16 mile run.

Tuesday AM- Double run day miles. 5.33 miles at lunch doing some hill repeats.

Tuesday PM- 3.03 quick miles in the evening on the lake.

Wednesday- 6.33 mile loop at lunch. Very cloudy and gloomy run with a bit of rain drizzles but it got done.

Thursday- 5.15 miles and threw in some rolling hills at lunch. Faster finish for the win.

Friday- 5.22 cloudy humid miles before the busy work day. Felt good to get this one done in the morning to rest up in the evening for weekend miles.

Saturday- 10.12 miles and had mimosas with a run buddy. It did rain a bit again during this run. Great way to cheers to some morning miles.

Sunday- REST DAY with some active recovery stretching.

And there you have it! Hope you have a happy and healthy week.


What has the weather been like in your area? Do you prefer running in the rain or super chilly mornings?
Sometimes I enjoy rainy runs to change things up but as long as I have gloves for a chilly run then I’m good.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Running Report.”

  1. I prefer running when the weather is sunny and cool. My favorite weather is running the day after a good snow, which doesn’t happen in Texas, but I recently got to run in Illinois.

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