Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

I’ve really been enjoying my double run days as of late!! These sunset miles after a long day of work – absolute perfection.

Also guzzling my big water jug this week LIKE A BOSS. I think because I’ve been in the sauna more, plus with all of the springtime Texas humidity has me craving water all the gosh darn time.

I really do feel back to my normal self now that I am teaching spin classes again. Granted classes are smaller now than before (with covid protocols + social distancing) but just being in a nicer gym that actually cares about taking care of their clients makes me happy.

I’ve been reducing my time on other social media sites lately – just taking a break from political talk and rigamarole. It may be my only child talking but some days I just want to do me. Maybe it is my ambivert talking – or should I say introvert. Keeping to myself and maintaining my peace lately is where it is at.

Apparently it is international waffle day!?! We really have a day for it all don’t we. I’ve been meaning to make protein pancakes/waffles. Who has a good recipe? Go get some honey stingers for your next run, while you’re at it. Use code “WaffleWeek30” for 30% off any item.

Share some randomness from your day!

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Thursday.”

  1. -I know what you mean with being an only child and just wanting to do you.

    -Since you are teaching spin, do you have any mask recommendations? My mask is usually soaking wet within 15 minutes of cardio.

    -International waffle day? Maybe that’s why I had breakfast for dinner yesterday. I wanted a waffle, but the diner’s waffle iron was broken so I had to settle for pancakes. 😦

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