Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

I am loving all of the GREEN I’m seeing outside lately. It is like running through a beautiful (humid) secret forest which I love. Give me bluebonnets and then give me this lush view and I am in in runner’s heaven.

Running some rolling hills particularly after work has been my jam. It is something about de-stressing from the day with hills that is a WOO-SAH moment for me.

Current guilty pleasure – the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders reality show. They have a 24 hour livestream on YouTube. I kid you not I could lay around and watch this for hours.

I seriously miss just laying poolside. Anyone else? Cannot wait to be by the pool on the weekends with a beverage in hand and getting a sweet tan. I do realize we get triple digit temps down in Texas. But I kind of am ready for summer? I will be in flip flops all season long. Give me some lake life and pool time and you have a happy Chelsea.

This, precisely is going to be my summer mood.

Share something random with me today! Are you excited for summer running or dreading it??

4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Thursday.”

  1. I’m dreading summer running. My few runs in the 70’s with lots of humidity this season so far have been miserable! But, fall marathons won’t train for themselves over the summer. Must put in the work!

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