Running, Weekly Running Report

Weekly Running Report.

Happy new week to ya! I am finally getting around to getting on this here blog-o-thing. Let’s recap on some of last week’s miles! It was a pleasant week but we have a chilly cold front headed our way! So I enjoyed these miles before the quick cold snap comes in tonight.

Let’s see how it all went down!

Monday- Active recovery day teaching my spin cycle class. I’ve been enjoying my Monday cross training days and so very glad to be getting back into teaching of course. It was tough and I missed not being on stage during the pandemic but I am back! Rainbow leggings by the way for the win.

Tuesday- 8.12 sunset miles / rolling hills just de-stressing from the busy work day. I’m finding lately that is exactly what I do need. Just cranking up my tunes and zoning out in the evenings.

Wednesday AM- Back to some morning miles. 5.23 miles with a bit of humidity but cloudy and cooler.

Wednesday PM- Double run day miles. 4.05 miles after work. By the way the Texas bugs are now back! I need to go stock back up on the ‘squito repellant.

Thursday- Another day of humidity and a bit of rain. 4.23 faster miles after work.

Friday- 5.12 miles at lunch in the ‘hood with a lake view.

Saturday- Long run Saturday with the run club! 20.21 miles with some faster miles in the middle and managed to finish strong.

Sunday- Getting my numbers in for the week. Chill 4.23 miles with sunshine and blue skies.

And there you have it!

How is your running going? Has the simple act of running been helping you mentally (and physically) during these crazy times?!

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