Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This morning’s run was CRAZY humid but it was so nice to get out and knock it out early. It’s always nice too when you see a few familiar faces in the ‘hood. Plus you cannot really beat this view.

I keep saying I am going to get a pedicure – I have a half day at work today so that just might be happening.

Whenever I’m in a BLAH mood I always listen to this song and it immediately perks me up. Throwback Thursday, so you’re welcome.

I’ve been wearing this fragrance lately and getting all the compliments. Speaking of a perk up. It is my light summertime fragrance for sure.

Thankful for shorts to run in with the cute side pockets. Freaking game changer and whatever I put in there really does stay put, at least on me.

This week I also discovered this YouTube documentary and am pretty hooked. So late, I know. Fun fact I was obsessed with watching gymnastics as a child and used to use the edge of my mom’s couch as a balance beam.

Share some random thoughts with me from your week!

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Thursday.”

  1. I’m off for a week and a pedi will be a top priority for me. Might as well get one in before marathon training season begins. Random question: have you ever used one of the exfoliating masks for your feet?

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