Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

I was up for a morning run after a quick 14 mile spin cycle ride with my crew this morning! Check out this peaceful RUNrise sky.

I’m all in my feelings about this movie me and my editor are currently editing. Hashtag TV producer life. Usually I don’t even get into the movies we air but I like the actress.

Back to balancing teaching classes at the gym with work is going well so far. I think it has something to do with the Trader Joe’s cold brew. Thank you, TJ’s you are the real MVP.

To save a little money I switched to press on nails vs. the salon kind. Lots of pros and cons to this! Pros are the ones on Amazon look AMAZING and better than the salon.

Major con, when you sweat outside a lot the glue does not keep the nails on so the upkeep is insane. The struggle is definitely real. Keeping glue in my purse usually does the trick.

I wish I didn’t like groomed nails so much. But cute nails are absolutely my guilty pleasure.

Post run and gym treats – love these protein balls and latte. It may be my new Thursday morning thing.

Gotta teach a class tonight! Wish me luck that I will stay awake and have energy for the 6PM. Frozen beverage may indeed be happening after class.

Feel free to share some randomness with me today!!

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