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Weekly Running Report.

Hey there and happy Monday! I’m here to recap some miles and smiles from last week! It was a strong week of training and I was able to get in a total of 70.5 miles of running last week. Habanero 50k training is definitely going great! Let’s recap and see how it all went down!

Monday AM- 5.22 early morning miles, more or less recovery after putting in long miles over the weekend. Just getting it in and enjoying the moving meditation before a busy day.

Monday PM- 3.06 sunset miles, unwinding from the day. We’ve been off the charts with the heat and humidity…but just getting in the double run day miles is really helping me to acclimate.

Tuesday AM- 8.11 miles, back with the breakfast run club crew. Hill repeat Tuesday. Never easy but it is getting better the more I do it. Finally getting back in the groove of things with doing the harder work is nice.

Tuesday PM- 2.23 miles after teaching spin to get in some more double run day miles. More or less a cool down run than anything else.

Wednesday AM- 7.21 miles, legs were pretty tired on this day…usually are after doing the Tuesday hill repeats so just keeping the legs going and getting it done. This run was probably the MOST humid of the week. Honestly I can handle the heat (as I actually love drier heat the best) but the humidity is the true beast. Sweat everywhere. Good detox though. Plus chocolate milk recovery after. And the loveliest of sunrises.

Wednesday PM- Sunset miles of double run day. 3.02 miles done.

Thursday- 6.32 miles after working sort of late the night before. Thankful to squeeze in these miles as morning runs have been SO NEEDED lately. For training and sanity purposes.

Friday- 10.11 miles with a good friend on a Friday. Always the best. Love starting my Fridays with double digits.

Saturday- SUPER HOT and HUMID day! 18.01 miles completed with WRRC. I had to start pretty early to knock this one out. It wasn’t that enjoyable honestly especially towards the end. But I was so proud to have gotten this one in. I super needed that boost of confidence for sure.

Sunday- 7.22 miles on a Sunday. FELT SO MUCH BETTER. Honestly probably because I was motivated by mimosas and breakfast tacos.

Plus, National Ice Cream Day was Sunday! So I went to TCBY and got some rainbow sprinkles on top. Oh happy day.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? How dd you beat the heat?!
Everything on ice. Even my mimosas.

TGIFriday Faves.

Hey there and happiest of Fridays to you! The sun is shining bright here and it is shaping up to be quite the balmy day! I was able to get in some double digit miles this morning. Always a lovely way to start the weekend.

Now I am poolside ready.

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

Avocado toast. Oh yes, my new fave breakfast. Also, why don’t I do sriracha and eggs more often? That combo truly rocks my world.

OK…”ROZAY” (my favorite new way to spell it- after my friend spelled it this way on accident in a text) in a bag. You guys this is so perfect for the pool. Also, it says on the front “You Are Marvelous”. Bring it to your next social run. Everyone will love you.

3 running recovery strategies from around the world. Thai yoga…I need to get into that. Side note I’ve been doing lots of yoga in my living room lately post run. Definitely feeling the difference.

Tropical Moringa Endless Moisture Restorative Spray. So good for those summer curls. Love the all natural look for summer.

That’s all for today!! Have a marvelous Friday.

What’s on tap for your weekend? Anyone doing a hot summer race!?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Well folks, we are at the height of a BLAZIN’ HOT summer down in Texas and the only thing that is helping me get through this grueling summer training is…morning runs. Seriously do not know what I would do without the ability to run super early in the a.m.! It is a true blessing to have a breakfast club running group.

Seriously 60-70+ mile weeks –kind of require you TO BE a morning runner. That is for dang sure.

I have been loving my double run days too. It gives me an excuse to drink what? Frozen hibiscus margaritas.

IG is getting rid of likes and views, apparently! How do you feel about that?! I am here for it.

A random man in my neighborhood was up early EARLY this morning and started singing a gospel hymn literally at the top of his lungs in the parking lot…for no reason at all. Seriously nothing surprises me about people anymore. Even the naked man running on the lake with nothing but a backpack and socks on.

Work has been oh so crazy lately. The whole month of JULY actually has been quite hectic. I’m trying to stay afloat and stay my usual carefree happy little spirit.

YES, running definitely helps me with this. So thankful for that. Otherwise I just may lose my cool.

One of my coworkers keeps finger puppets at her desk at work to de-stress. HA. How do you de-stress AT WORK during hectic moments?

Usually I just dance around my office with headphones on and music on full blast. Don’t even care if I look crazy anymore. Not at all.

Woosah. Almost the weekend.

What’s on your mind this week?

Weds Spin Playlist.

Hope you all are rocking your hump day!! I’ve got some fresh hot tracks and throwbacks for your workouts today! And of course a workout for my fellow spin cycle instructors. Enjoy!

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Let’s go for a ride!

Harder- Jax Jones, Bebe Rexha: Warm up
Crank it Up- David Guetta, Akon: Tapbacks
S&M- Rihanna: Rolling hills
Olha A Explosão- MC Kevinho, 2Chainz, French Montana: Sprints
Temporary Lover- Chris Brown: Seated/standing run
Keep it Goin’- Deorro: Tapbacks
Rock the House- CID: Accelerations
SWISH- Tyga: Hill climb
Rave Machine- METAFO4R: Jumps on a hill
Tambourine- Eve: Sprints
Turn Around- Flo Rida: Active recovery
Habibi: Moti: Hill climb
In Common- Alicia Keys, Kaskade: Rolling hills
Thumbs Up- Kill the Noise: Sprints
Drop- G-Eazy: Seated/standing run
Get Down- Retrovision: Hill climb
I Like It- Teenear, Lil Baby: Jumps on a hill
Reaction- Sick Individuals: Accelerations
Dancing with a Stranger (Cheat Codes Remix)- Normani, Smh Smith: Cool down

What songs are rocking your workouts this week?

Pros and Cons of Downhill Marathons.

There are so many different types of marathon courses these days. As some runners get more serious about their training, whether you are going for a PR (personal record) or want to run Boston (the super bowl of marathons) the option to run a downhill marathon comes into play. There are different types of races nowadays that actually specialize in the concept of running DOWNHILL, but will that actually provide you with a faster race time? Here are some pros and cons to signing up for such a race in hopes of achieving PR success.

Pro- the concept of running a downhill race, in theory, does seem like a sure shot. I mean, you are bombing down a hill (or a mountain) and you WILL be moving faster. For a significant amount of time. Hold onto that for miles and miles at a time and you just may get the time you desire. Definitely work on your downhill running in training, and this concept just may work for you.

Con- Running downhill for an entire marathon distance (26.2 miles) will do a number on your body. Although it does seem fun, running down a mountain for a significant amount of time IS hard on your body. And you WILL pay for it later. But…it will be fun while it lasts! Just be sure to take care of your body and get rest and recovery soon afterwards.

Pro- It is definitely something different than your humdrum flat course. I don’t know about you but I actually love and look forward to running hills. To me there is nothing more boring than a pancake flat course, and actually I’ve done better in years past running courses that included more of a decent elevation profile. Take RnR San Diego for instance. Not an easy course by any means and a killer climb on a highway at the very end but something about that course made me want to work harder.

Con- The downhill marathon does not equal instant success. Don’t expect to roll up on one of these bad boys if you aren’t fully prepared. So many other factors go into these type of races, such as getting acclimated to the atiltiude changes (if you’re a Texan like me- we are not used to the mountainous terrain at all) and what have you. Take it from me, someone who has gotten altitude sickness, that is something you DO NOT want during a race. Here are some good tips to being prepared to face those type of crazy changes.

What are some more pros and cons to downhill marathons? What is your favorite type of race course?
I actually do like looped courses, definitely some hills in there. Point to point ain’t bad either.

Weekly Running Report.

Hey there and happy Monday to ya! Hope you are ready to take on another week! It is a good week to have a good week. Let’s catch up and chat about some miles on this lovely Monday. Shall we? Here’s how it all went down last week!

Monday AM- Not going to lie, getting up on Mondays has been HARD lately! I think my body truly still needs that recovery from the weekend of long running. I’ve also been doing some back to back double digit miles leading up to the Habanero 50k. So, heat training at its finest! I got in 5.32 miles in the morning enjoying a podcast and my peaceful morning route.

Monday PM- 3.25 miles with a faster finish at the end. Watching a bit of sunset and unwinding from the work day.

Tuesday AM- I’m back to getting some miles in with my breakfast run club during the work week. It really makes a huge difference to get it in early with friends! We did some hill repeats on this day. 8.13 miles done.

Tuesday PM- Cool down after teaching spin class. 2.23 miles getting in over 10 miles total for the day.

Wednesday- 7.12 miles, very humid morning. We did have some rain come in during the week which cooled things down a bit, briefly. We were back up to the triple digits before the end of the week but a brief dip into the 80s (HA) was rather nice.

Thursday- 8.11 early morning miles with my early crew followed up with lots of hydrating. I think I’m back on a bit of a chocolate milk kick. Sometimes I really crave that stuff. What can I say.

Friday- I absolutely have been loving Fridays for running lately. 10.22 miles done before the busy work day. Running double digits on a Friday just puts a great energy into my day for some reason. Maybe it’s the runner’s high. Who knows.

Saturday- 16.21 miles with my WRRC crew. Love them! They truly make long run Saturdays better. Plus a little pool party fun. Good times indeed.

And then there were breakfast shots…

Sunday- Sunday was definitely a recovery day. 4.11 Sunday runday funday miles.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Doing any summer training or rock any races lately?
I’m finally feeling ready to get back to doing some racing. The 50 miler from May is almost out of my system.

TGIFriday Faves.

Hey y’all! (Yes, imagine me saying that in the most Texan of accents) Happy Friday! Hope you have some fun planned this weekend. I kicked things off with this majestic beauty of a Friday RUNrise. It was a good run for sure and of course having girl talk while running makes things all the more better. Thankful for running buds.

Let’e get to this week’s faves!

Summer skincare essentials for runners. I’ve tried those lavender wipes they are everything.

24 budget friendly recipes for summer. Eyeing those key lime strawberries.

Iridescent nails. This will probably be my next nail color. Obsessed.

Unicorn floatie for the pool. So basic right? Basically I need one though. Like right now.

Have a great weekend!

What’s on tap for your weekend?
Long running / 50k training, likely brunching, working on my tan.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This week has probably been the MOST HUMID yet for running. And we are already soaring in the triple digit temps. Every dang day. Along with the humidity- talk about a beat down. Welcome to glorious Texas summer.

I keep telling myself running all of these summer miles will pay off come fall. I sure do hope so.

This is probably the first time in YEARS that I do not have a fall marathon on the schedule. Granted I have a 50k and a 100 miler on the schedule HAHA. But it just feels different. Different in a good way.

I am debating on signing up for a 26.2 in winter/spring though. I have my eye on this. I keep hearing good things.

What is your favorite summer fruit? Mine is oh so juicy mango. No doubt.

Share your random thoughts with me today!

Weds Spin Playlist.

Hey there! I’ve got a hot spin cycle playlist you will love today!! New tracks and throwbacks included for your spin cycling/running/workout pleasure.

Hope you enjoy!

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Let’s go for a ride!

For Free- DJ Khaled, Drake: Warm up
Light the Sky- Dannic, Airto, Rob and Jack: Accelerations
House of Funk- Trace: Tapbacks
Body Operator- DJ SpinKing: Rolling hills
Get Me Bodied (Extended Mix)- Beyonce: Jumps
I Love It- Icona Pop: Sprints
Wish Wish- Cardi B, 21 Savage: Hill climb
Put Your Drinks Up- Tony Junior, STUK: Jumps on a hill
Throw a Fit- Tinashe: Active recovery
Energy- Big K.R.I.T.: Hill climb
Salvation- Kill the Noise: Accelerations
Reverse- Sage the Gemini: Tapbacks
Light it Up (Remix)- Major Lazer: Seated/standing run
I’m Good- Blaque: Rolling hills
ILYSM- Steve Aoki: Sprints
Say What You Wanna- Tujamo: Hill climb
Give My Love- Joyryde: Accelerations
Mood- dvsn: Cool down

Share your workout tracks with me! Anything hot and new that you are loving?

Tricks to Help You Get Through Summer Runs.

If you are from a place where there is a TON of humidity/heat in the summer (hello fellow Texans) you know that this time of year is quite INTENSE. By 5 a.m., temperatures are soaring towards 90 degrees, with triple digits back to back everyday. And then you add that thick layer of humidity on top of all of that?! It definitely makes it difficult at times to get your training in. And actually can be downright oppressive! But have hope. There are ways we can get through it! Here are a few mental/physical tricks to help you to survive.

Electrolytes are key. Especially when you are running longer. I will often mix Gatorade with water, or drink Nuun in order to accommodate my electrolyte needs. Also salt tablets work well, I use them more when I am racing on trails. I recommend these if you are shopping for them.

It’s all about timing. Most runners prefer to run during the earlier parts of the day, in order to BEAT THE HEAT so to speak- but keep it in mind usually the earlier it is the more humid it is too. Practice running during different parts of the day to see what works best for you. I like to get my heat training in by running doubles sometimes and that helps me adapt. Especially if you are training for an ultra. It even helps if you are training for a marathon! Here’s some tips on running doubles if you are considering sprinkling those in.

Embrace your HOT RUN pace. I like to call it sexy pace, or party pace, or what have you. Concentrate more on running by feel and EFFORT, as opposed to your usual pace when the temps heat up. It’s a different type of game when you’re dealing with extreme temps. If you really want to calculate pace for when you’re running in the summer- here’s a good way to do just that.

Keep a gallon of ice water with you at all times. My gallon jug is like my weapon, I keep it in my car with me even in the mornings when I drive to meet my friends for early group runs. That way even when the run is done I am able to stay hydrated properly. I bring my jug to the gym with me, work, everywhere. It definitely has been a God send.

It really is a mental mind game. If you tell yourself the summer runs are unbearable then guess what? You probably won’t enjoy it. Do what you can to make summer running FUN. It should be fun! You should love what you’re doing. No one is making you do this, this should be a hobby and a passion that you LOVE. Run with friends, plan a fun pool day after a long run to get you excited about post run recovery. Hey, dipping your legs in a cold pool after a hot run- DANG NEAR perfection.

What are some more tricks to help you get through hot summer runs?