Running, TGIFriday Faves

TGIFriday Faves.

Hey there and happy Friday! Hope you have a productive and fun weekend in store. This has been a busy week for me work wise so I’m ready for things to slow down a bit. Running and brunch though are definitely on the agenda! Let’s get to this week’s faves!

How Olympian Ajee Wilson keeps her cool. First of all she is gorgeous and I love hearing about how badass women get after it and still remain gorgeous and killing it in the game.

I’m obsessed with this lavender and chamomile essential oil. Literally I keep it in my office space and apply whenever I feel stress. It literally has saved my life all week this week.

Re-watching the 1st season of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City after hearing about Jen Shah and her troubles. Man she was really unhinged on this show! Whitney was my favorite.

Looking at new apartments. Actually I am trying to decide if I should stay in my current place but rent is skyrocketing and I may as well have a house at this point? What would you do – stay or go? I think I need a change in my environment…

And finally, your Friday funny.

What is on tap for your weekend? Do you like cauliflower?
I actually prefer it uncooked fresh and raw. Dipped it some delicious hummus.

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This morning was one of those ‘roll out of bed’ runs but it got done. The weather is amazing in Texas lately so I am taking full advantage of it with the double run day miles.

It has been an up and down week work wise but I’m looking forward to taking some time off for my birthday. Yes, my birthday is a holiday in my eyes (only child syndrome and not ashamed to admit this fact) so I feel this is the year I am in TREAT YO SELF mode.

Although I do love having nails I just took my manicure off and having naked nails and being able to text and type correctly is something that I need to not take for granted. Maybe I’ll sport naked nails for a while just so I can feel more productive in life.

It really is amazing how much more clear minded I am after just drinking water. My super big jug has been everything lately. It’s funny when I first received this (as a birthday present from a coworker) I did not use it for almost a year and now I’m obsessed.

I’m trying to decide if I am going to bike OR run my age in birthday miles this year. Or run for just 37 minutes. 3.7 miles? Haha. The bike is sounding better and better as I get older. Spin bike, of course while listening to the latest jams.

I was just thinking about how it feels like I’ve been 36 for-ev-er. Like 2020 really did make me feel about 5 years older. It was a year of ups and downs but I still truly feel blessed and a lot was revealed to me about myself and others. At the end I have nothing but gratitude about it all. My guardian angels have been taking good care of me.

My birthday is on April 26th if you want to get me anything. I’ll accept cash or coffee or whatever your spirit leads to you send. HA.

Share some randomness with me today!

Running, Weekly Running Report

Weekly Running Report.

Hey there and happy new week! It is a good week to have a good week. Let’s get down to business and run talk. I was able to get in just over 40 miles last week as recovery from a 60 mile week the week prior! I enjoyed a bit of a step back and rest time before I climb back up.

Let’s see how it all went down!

Monday- Active recovery day getting back into the swing of things with the work week. I taught an hour long spin class in the evening which was fun and power packed with disco lights. Love it.

Tuesday- 6.33 sunset miles after work. Decompress time and legs were feeling back to normal.

Wednesday AM- 5.02 miles in the early AM. Plenty of cloud cover.

Wednesday PM- 3.23 miles on double run day. Got some progression miles in.

Thursday AM- 7.02 miles for breakfast. Rolling hills in the hood.

Thursday PM- 4.03 miles after work. More decompress time and over 11 miles for the day.

Friday- 5.12 Good Friday miles in the morning with a pretty sunrise.

Saturday- Cloudy and cooler morning but I managed to get in 10.03 miles to wrap up this little recovery week.

Sunday- Much needed rest day. Spent Easter with the fam bam.

Plus wrapping up the month of March with 221.7 miles! Happy April.

And there you have it!

How was your Easter? What did you do??
Family time then got down on some Texas brisket.

Running, TGIFriday Faves

TGIFriday Faves.

Hey there and happy Friday! GOOD FRIDAY at that. It should be a beautiful weekend in the neighborhood. Hope you have some fun plans in store.

Let’s get to my faves from this week!

Guidelines for successful high intensity training. Great points here.

Back on my vanilla chai tea kick. Definitely an afternoon delight.

Surprise inside mini Easter bundt cakes! The cutest.

A little cheesy GOOD FRIDAY funny for your weekend.

Have a beautiful day!

What’s on tap for your weekend?! Are you making any fun Easter goodies?

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

I have to tell you that this morning’s RUN was a struggle bus fest but the pretty sunrise made up for it. I did pop right out of bed but it was like drivers were driving crazy EVERYWHERE on the roads! I will be making stronger coffee in the AM so I don’t almost get hit by cars zooming out of their garage alleys. I am just saying.

In happier news it is now my BIRTHDAY MONTH so be prepared for me to talk about that fact in just about every other blog post. Thank you.

April babies are the best babies. Yes I said it. And our birth stone is the best birth stone which is a diamond. Fun fact.

If you need some good throwback Thursday jams I’ve got the best for you. Urban 90s jams for the win. Shanice, New Edition, Toni Braxton take me back to simpler times.

It’s funny because pretty much every song on the above video makes me want to go to karaoke. I’m straight up dancing and singing in my little work area right now. One day there will be covid safe karaoke. Maybe I will have to buy my own karaoke equipment for the casa.

This has been a crazy week in Real Housewives news. Read up on Jen Shah if you missed it. Hot mess news. Just like a trainwreck – I cannot stop watching.

A little April Fool’s Day funny for ya.

Share some random thoughts with us on this Thursday!

Running, Weekly Running Report

Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday to ya! Hope you had a restful and productive weekend. Let’s recap some miles from last week! It is without a doubt my favorite time of year to run so I have been ramping up those miles. Happy to be feeling back to my normal ‘running all the time’ self once again.

Monday- Active recovery day. Legs were still feeling the weekend long running but I taught a power packed (socially distanced) spin class at the gym.

Tuesday- 5.33 sunset miles. Loving the view and getting the running legs going again.

Wednesday AM- 4.02 miles at lunch time post vaccine number 1. I decided to wait until the work week to get my shot – and glad I did. Surprisingly I feel like I had a strange boost of energy the entire week. This run felt good with a faster finish.

Wednesday PM- 4.23 miles in the evening. Loving the extra daylight. Sun really has been an energy booster for me too and for my mood. Love that vitamin D.

Thursday AM- 7.03 miles of lunchtime rolling hills. Amazing weather and got a good mid-day sweat in.

Thursday PM- More double run day miles! 3.03 miles to get in over 10 miles for the day.

Friday AM- 5.21 miles for breakfast with this stunning sunrise.

Friday PM- Had a bit of energy before my hour long massage in the evening. So I got on a quick 3.33 miles after work on double run day.

Saturday- 20.21 miles for 2021!! Haha. This was a great run with lots of glorious cloud cover. And some springtime blooms. I actually didn’t fuel much for this run – just some Gatorade electrolytes and water. I’m going to start experimenting on these longer runs though with my hydration backpack and huma gels and see how things go.

Sunday- 7.62 miles on Sunday funday runday to hit some solid weekly mileage numbers for the week.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Are you loving your weekend long runs lately?

Running, TGIFriday Faves

TGIFriday Faves.

Hello Friday! It is nice of you to come around again. I managed to roll outta bed for some sunrise miles and they were just wonderful. Right on time to catch these rays. Highlight of my week this week that is for dang sure.

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

Ramp up your race fitness with these four progression runs. Definitely a good way to build efficiency.

Smoked salmon deviled eggs. I will say I’ve been the biggest smoked salmon fan lately. Getting those omega 3s.

These fast and free Lulu shorts. I’m all for the compression style shorts lately plus with pockets – I’m sold.

7 healthy breakfast casseroles to fuel your day. I’ve been meaning to make a breakfast casserole for the weekend. Plus love the vegan options.

Have a great day and weekend. Go bask in the sunshine and get you some vitamin D. 

How was your week? What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

I’ve really been enjoying my double run days as of late!! These sunset miles after a long day of work – absolute perfection.

Also guzzling my big water jug this week LIKE A BOSS. I think because I’ve been in the sauna more, plus with all of the springtime Texas humidity has me craving water all the gosh darn time.

I really do feel back to my normal self now that I am teaching spin classes again. Granted classes are smaller now than before (with covid protocols + social distancing) but just being in a nicer gym that actually cares about taking care of their clients makes me happy.

I’ve been reducing my time on other social media sites lately – just taking a break from political talk and rigamarole. It may be my only child talking but some days I just want to do me. Maybe it is my ambivert talking – or should I say introvert. Keeping to myself and maintaining my peace lately is where it is at.

Apparently it is international waffle day!?! We really have a day for it all don’t we. I’ve been meaning to make protein pancakes/waffles. Who has a good recipe? Go get some honey stingers for your next run, while you’re at it. Use code “WaffleWeek30” for 30% off any item.

Share some randomness from your day!

Fitness, Indoor Cycling, Spin class, spotify, Weds Spin Playlist

Weds Spin Playlist.

Happy hump day!!! We are back with a rocking SPIN CYCLE playlist for your workout pleasure!! Hope you do enjoy and be sure to check me out on Spotify for updated playlists plus come to my class while you’re at it.

Let’s go for a ride!

Tambourine- Eve: Warm up
Back to Life- DubVision/Afrojack: Accelerations
Starstruck- Lady Gaga: Standing run
Light the Sky- Dannic, Rob & Jack: Climb
Reaction- Sick Individuals: Tapbacks
Goin’ In- Jennifer Lopez: Climb
Grapevine- Tujamo, Tiesto: Sprints
Levels- Nick Jonas: Seated/standing climb
Let Me Think About It- Fedde Le Grand, Ida Corr: Accelerations
Love It Like That- Pink Panda: Rolling hills
C’Mon N Ride It- Quad City DJs: Tapbacks/Climb
All Night- Pitbull, David Rush: Sprints
Lose Control- Becky Hill: Climb/All out finish
Guilty Pleasures- Wake the Wild: Cool down

Share some of your latest and greatest workout songs with me!

Running, Weekly Running Report

Weekly Running Report.

Happy new week and happy SPRING! I’m feeling good and vaccinated this week!! One down, one to go.

Last week was a great week in the running world. Over 51 miles done. Let’s see how it all went down.

Monday- 4.33 miles after teaching a power packed spin class. It actually felt so wonderful outside. Loved the sunset.

Tuesday- 6.35 miles at lunch. Enjoying the view and a few rolling hills too.

Wednesday- 5.12 miles in the evening after the long work day. Love the after work wind down lately.

Thursday AM- 4.23 miles at lunch. A little faster this day due to being strapped for time but it all got done.

Thursday PM- 3.03 miles after work on double run day. Ran some hills with a glorious sunset.

Friday- Friday morning miles for breakfast, 5.12 to start the day.

Saturday- Long run Saturday with some run club friends. Felt so good to feel so good on this run!!! 18.23 miles done.

Sunday- Hitting some numbers for the week with 5.33 miles. Blooming trees everywhere.

And there ya have it!

How’s spring looking in your area? What is your favorite spring flower?
Texas bluebonnets.