Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

I got my morning started with a power packed SPIN cycle ride and RUNrise! Y’all, Thursdays are starting to be my absolute fave. I get to do all of my favorite workouts plus the sunrise on Thursday mornings has actually been consistently beautiful. Love my fitness instructor life.

It is currently FREEZING in my office at work and I really wish I had one of those heaters under my desk but the maintenance people told us we couldn’t bring them to work. Something about it being too much for our electrical system– (?) I am not sure. BUT that was a while ago and I think I’ve seen a fellow coworker with one. Maybe I’ll try and sneak a tiny one in and see what happens.

My childhood friend is coming to town this weekend for a homecoming game and I am oh so excited! I love pretending I went to her college and having some tailgating fun. It should be a marvelous weekend. Filled with football and all of the fall type things.

I have to work on Sunday (we have a live show that evening – yes working in TV can be hectic like that) and I am not super looking forward to that…but trying to get off NEXT Friday. I mean I will have probably more than 40 hours before the end of Thursday so…fingers crossed. Thankfully I don’t always have to work on weekends. My weekends are so sacred and precious to me (and my mental health).

I’ve been working pretty hard at work and my side hustle…so…absolutely needing another vacation oh so soon. I see some more beach time in my very near future.

And this. I am telling you a support group for this legitimately needs to exist.


Feel free to join in on the randomness…what was the temperature in your neck of the woods this morning?
VERY sticky humid with temps in the 60s. Felt like my steam room at the gym minus the eucalyptus.

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Weds Spin Playlist.

It is the perfect day to drop some beats! Hi hey and hello everyone…hope your week is fantastic. I have a hot new spin cycle playlist you will love today!! Plus a workout for my fellow spin cycle instructors.

Be sure to check me out on Spotify where I am updating and posting playlists on a weekly basis. Plus, check out my instructor schedule to see where I’ll be teaching classes next at Life Time!

Let’s go for a ride!

Run This Town- Offaiah: Warm up
Levitating- Don Diablo, Dua Lipa, DaBaby: Rolling hills
Right Now- Rihanna: Sprints
Focus- Ariana Grande: Climb
Pump it Up- Endor: Tapbacks
Music Sounds Better With You- Stardust: Climb
Dancing- DJ Kuba, Neitan, Skytech: Jumps on a hill
Afterhours(B-sides remix)- Diplo, Nina Sky: Accelerations
Medicine- Jennifer Lopez, French Montana: Active recovery
Body Operator- DJ SpinKing: Accelerations
Turn Around- Flo Rida: Rolling hills
Tokyo Drift- KVSH: Climb
Shape of You- Ed Sheeran, Nyla, Major Lazer: Jumps on a hill
Get Together- David Guetta: Climb
God is a Dancer- Tiesto: Sprints
Summer Rain- Majid Jordan: Cool down

Share some of your favorite workout songs lately with me!

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running, Spin class

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Happy fall to you and yours! The Texas sunsets this week for running have been absolutely spectacular. All of my favorite colors in the sky that is for sure. Plus cool evenings and mornings just make my soul oh so very happy.

-This week I have to admit I’ve been obsessed by this Gabby Petito story. She was such a beautiful girl and my heart is broken for her family.

What has been making me HAPPY this week – teaching classes at the gym nonstop and ICE COLD eucalyptus towels. Plus the steam room after a power packed calorie torching workout. I teach 5 classes this week and a 2 hour fundraiser ride coming up. Blissful times in the life of Chelsea.

I have to say I am happy that being a fitness instructor is a superpower of mine. Most rewarding side hustle hands down.

My favorite vitamin right now. B complex in liquid form. Keeping these legs of mine revved up and ready to go.

The State Fair of Texas has officially starts tomorrow! Although I am excited for the fair I think I may wait until the excitement dies down and go in October.

Wine tasting weekends…yes so happy that fall festivals are back.

Share some happy things about your day with me! Any fall festivals popping up in your area ?

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TGIFriday Faves.

Happiest of Fridays to you! Check out this stunning RUNrise. Very blessed with this beauty of a view. It is so nice to just be running for fun right now and without a super crazy race calendar per usual.

Especially when I currently teach so many classes at the gym along with my career. Loving this chapter of life that I am in.

Giving no f*cks and embracing the heck out of it. Plus it is oh so nice to get paid to workout. Thank you baby Jesus for enabling me to do what I love in a side hustle manner! I definitely do not take my gifts for granted.

Let’s get to this week’s faves!!

Practice: Grounding when life is chaotic. Even though I am doing all the things I love currently, life CAN and does get hectic. So I find the grounding practice to be super important. Thankful for deep breaths and gratitude at all times of the day.

Still loving this Life Time water bottle. Yes I have been sporting it at my desk while I get all of our promos in order. TV producer by day, instructor by night.

Eyeing this strawberry cashew smoothie.

Skull leggings this week yet again, for the win.

And there you have it! Just a thought on this fabulous Friday.

Have a great weekend!

What is on tap for your weekend – share some of your fave fall festivals with me!
Running and spinning and brunching and enjoying this incredible early AM cooler weather (we are still in the 90s in the afternoons). Festivals – Definitely Grapefest, Oktoberfest, and the BEST OF THE BEST state fair of Texas.

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Random Thoughts Thursday.

My morning started with a power packed 13 mile ride and a run around the ‘hood. My early morning peeps always work so hard! I love the 5:30 AM energy and hearing the whizzing of the bikes as we jam out with party lights. Teaching a spin class + getting my run in + eucalyptus steam room equals a happy Chelsea.

The sunsets on my evening runs have actually been the real winner though. Like that pic above. Watch more sunsets than Netflix…always my motto.

Yes, Life Time is so awesome we even have OUR OWN WATER NOW. And it is delicious and in this pretty BPA free bottle.

I am back on my vanilla chai kick. Drinking this as we speak while I have some clove essential oil in my diffuser.

Chillhop essentials Fall 2021 just came out. Perfect music to work and write to. When I am at my career girl job. But maybe even do some yoga too. It is a whole vibe.

I’ve been enjoying just running for fun still and not really posting as much on the social media front. I do have to promote my class a lot still on our Life Time group pages but taking a back seat to being hyperactive on certain platforms is actually quite nice and refreshing.

Grapefest is this weekend! So you know where I will be. And then the State Fair of Texas begins next week!! Two festivals that I did not get to experience last year. I am so very glad fall festivals are freaking back. Oh happy day.

Share some randomness with me from your day! What is your favorite fall drink ?
I dabble in some pumpkin spice coffee (not the latte) but my jam has to be the vanilla or pumpkin chai.

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Weds Spin Playlist.

Hey there spin cycle instructors and workout enthusiasts! Your girl is BACK with a fire playlist!! Hope you enjoy this one and if you’re local come check out my class at a Life Time near you.

My current schedule is here.

Til then, enjoy the jams! Visit me over on Spotify as well where I post playlists on a consistent basis.

Let’s go for a ride!

Head and Heart- Joel Corry, MNEK: Warm up
I Wanna Know- RL Grime, Daya: Standing run
We Run the Night- Havana Brown, Pitbull: Accelerations
Underwater (VIP Mix)- Tujamo: Rolling hills
I Can Only Imagine- David Guetta, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne: Climb
In Common- Alicia Keys, Kaskade: Jumps on a hill
Outside- Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding: Tapbacks
Lean On- Major Lazer, CRNKN Remix: Climb
Get Down- RetroVision: Active recovery
In My Feelings- Drake: Seated-Standing run
Drop- GEazy: Tapbacks
Love Tonight- Shouse, David Guetta: Sprints
Sit Still, Look Pretty- Daya: Climb
A No No- Mariah Carey: Standing run
Ball- T.I.: Accelerations
Indian Summer- EDX: Cool down

Feel free to share what songs you are spinning – running – working out to this week!

Random Thoughts Thursday, Running

Random Thoughts Thursday.

IT WAS A CRISP AND COOL 60 SOMETHING DEGREES THIS MORNING DOWN IN TEXAS! Gotta love catching this early RUNrise after teaching spin class. Yes, we got a little fall preview. I was back in the saddle this morning after the holiday and I have to say it was great being back on the bike! Whenever I don’t teach a class I always truly miss it. And today is my super busy day since I teach another class at the gym after work tonight. Bring it on.

My new favorite essential oil for the upcoming fall season – clove. I keep this one at my desk at work and it keeps me blissful all day long. That is one thing I always have to have with me to keep my mood up. Some smell good things…whether it is lotion or oils or some kind of travel perfume.

Another thing I do at my desk at work – wear fuzzy slippers. I have an adjustable desk at work so I move around but I am now committed to doing it all WITH FUZZY SLIPPERS ON. No shame whatsoever. Glad I work at a job that allows such comfort.

People that aren’t from Texas…is it a thing in other states that chickens freely roam the neighborhoods with no consequences? I just saw this on my nextdoor and I feel like it is not the first time I’ve heard neighbors complain about peoples pet chickens getting loose.

Another thing that is pretty common here. Horses on the side of the road. Actually on the side of the freeway. And people riding them to work in the mornings. Oh yes, I have just about seen it all.

Share some random things you have seen on the side of the roads in your neck of the woods…or while running. Or just feel free to share something random about your day with me!

Running, TGIFriday Faves

TGIFriday Faves.

Happy long holiday weekend to ya! Hopefully you have some fun in the sun on deck. I have been so DARN busy on the work front that I looked and boom!! Long weekend is here. So I’m without a doubt looking forward to some relaxation time, play time, friends and family time, run time.

Let’s get into this week’s faves!

The best self-care practices for your enneagram. I’ve just actually discovered that this was a thing and I’m excited to learn more about my number. So far ALL of the traits ring so very true. Love the podcast too.

This by the way. ALL ME.

5 stretches to help upper back pain before it starts. I’ve been all about the massaging and stretching and treating yourself stuff lately. This is for all of my desk and work week peeps. I will say also that now having a Varidesk has helped me with back stuff and injury prevention.

Scientific studies that can help your running RIGHT NOW. I am down with the caffeine, baby.

Celebrate the weekend with a long run. Remember to hydrate and get your fuel on! I’m still not the best at fueling for a long run after all of these dang years. After over a decade of running marathons and ultras you would think I would have that down by now.

And finally, your Friday funny.

Make it a great weekend!

What is on tap for your holiday weekend…feel free to share some of your favorite ways to fuel for the LONG RUN!

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Mental Endurance Tips.

With the pandemic and all of the chaos going on in our world today, it is easy to want to slip into a negative mindset. I am thankful I am one of those ‘sunny disposition’ types who doesn’t get easily deterred by trivial things. However…as I talk to different people (runners, athletes who take my classes at the gym etc) I realize there are a lot of hurting people in the world. I’ve learned to have more empathy with others in general.

We all need some mental endurance tips from time to time! Even those of us with a ‘sunny dispositon’.

A big part of racing (and training and day to day STUFF) is relying on your mental strength. As a person who has been running ultras and marathons for a number of years this is something I feel is my strong suit and I love to share the love with others. Here are some things that have worked for me to develop (and maintain) strong mental endurance.

Discipline > motivation. I am a strong believer in this. Motivation to me is not something that is always going to get you out the door in the morning. As a beginning runner back in the day, I was that ‘motivated’ runner. Who was always looking to my left and my right at what someone else was doing. I don’t necessarily think being motivated is a bad thing. As you grow as an athlete and it becomes more a part of your overall wellness and lifestyle you realize consistency and discipline is what is going to keep you pounding the pavement and trails. It is what will keep you ‘rock solid’ when you’re not training, when you just are maintaining fitness. Getting out there, despite what race is on your calendar.

Accountability. For me this has always been about community. I have a group that I run with on Saturdays and I always tell people that my Saturdays are SACRED. For instance, right now I have zero races on the calendar. This may or may not change in the next few months. But for once in about a decade I’m very at peace with this. Because I love to just get up and bang out a double digit run every weekend with my friends and I’ve been doing so for as long as I can remember in my adult life. Community…the running community, is what GIVES ME LIFE. And keeps my mental game strong. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Watch what you consume. Be it social media, incessantly scrolling through your Facebook-IG-Strava feed. What you consume, consumes you. I fill my social media feed with things that inspire me to get out the door. Things that make me laugh. Make me think. I have no room in life right now for anything to bring that energy down. And I feel that as I get older, my tolerance for anything that is draining is less and less. I do utilize Strava however for training purposes but honestly that is about it. I appreciate the Kudos though because I do know that people love the energy that I bring onto that platform so I continue to share.

Sometimes you need a little music! This does and does not work for some. But as a fitness instructor and a music LOVER I crave music all of the time. Even when I am working as a writer for television during the day…when I am writing a promo…or want to get my creative juices flowing. Music MOVES ME. It will always be something that keeps my mental strong.

Feel free to share some things that keep your mental endurance strong for running – cycling – working out – LIFE!

Running, TGIFriday Faves

TGIFriday Faves.

Happiest of Fridays to you! I am gearing up for a HOT but lovely weekend…running, brunching and such! We are bringing back the TGIFriday faves.

Let’s talk about my faves from this week!

The eucalyptus steam room at Life Time. Y’all, it legitimately feels like I am getting a facial (for my face and body) every time. And those of you who get facials know what I mean. Without a doubt one of the things I have truly been MISSING in my day to day. Truly now want to be in the gym every day for this very reason. Hmm…maybe I should take up a 4th class to teach.

Wonderful sushi time. I forgot how amazing this particular sushi spot was until I went recently. That yellowtail roll is one of the things that would be on my ‘last meal’ list for sure. And that fire roll next to it…was ABSOLUTELY FIRE.

How to recover from pandemic induced mind fog. OMG, I truly feel like this is legitimately a real thing! I really do think for me utilizing essential oils (mostly at work) has done wonders for me. Something about opening up the senses clears my ‘fog’. That – and of course exercise and being with nature. But whatever works for you.

Chelsea Handler’s podcast and of course Hills reaction videos from Whitney Port and her husband Timmy. I am literally obsessed with both.

Oh the Chelsea Handler on E! era…I have to say I do miss that. 

No really…this is how my brain works, most of the time.

Have an awesome, fantastically wonderful weekend!

Have you experienced any ‘brain fog’ during these pandemic times – or just increased stress due to work and life circumstances etc?

Share what gets you back into balance!