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Random Thoughts Thursday.

This morning’s run was all too lovely with a nice breeze in the air. Pretty much spring time perfection. Can’t all days be like this? Love it.

-I am starting to truly embrace morning runs again especially since the entire community likes to walk their dogs in the evenings which is quite the ridiculous scene. I mean it get it — you all are cooped up all day in the home but my goodness. I think it defeats the purpose of social distancing if we are on top of one another on the sidewalk.

Because of what I mentioned above I’ve also been finding new routes all over the neighborhood in order to avoid people. Shakes the routine up a bit too.

I had a virtual happy hour with some of my favorite running buddies. Which was AWESOME. Many more of these to come.

Oh, and I got an entry into the Marine Corps Marathon!! It will be my 31st marathon and enter me into their VIP Runner’s Club (if you run MCM 5x it gets you automatic entry). Woohoo for that.

How are y’all holding up?! Share something random with me today?
My nails are atrocious. I’m going to soak them off soon but I just broke one nail yesterday. Can’t wait to get my nails done when this is all over.

Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday to ya! I am taking a bit of a break from quarantine and chill to share last week’s miles with ya! I have been maintaining what I would like to call ‘sanity miles’ during this time of canceled and postponed races. I’ve thought about doing some virtual races but of course my 36 mile birthday run is in April. If you’re new to my blog you can catch up on me running my age here. And here. And here!! Yes, so happy birthday month to me in a couple of days.

Let’s see how last week’s running went down!

Monday- I actually took PTO time from work on this day to catch up on cleaning and such around the house. So this rest day was quite lovely. I honestly do feel like I should get some workout points for the spring cleaning though. Cuz that can be quite the calorie burner.

Tuesday- 7.13 miles in the evening doing some people watching. I actually ended up thinking I locked my keys in my car this day when in reality I DROPPED them during the run. Went back along the same route (Tuesday and Wednesday) looking for them. No dice. So yeah. Had to get the car key re-made (I already used the spare). Not super happy about that. But hey it happens and life goes on.

Wednesday- 4.22 miles on a very balmy day. Found some shade to make it all better.

Thursday- 10.03 miles after work which was absolutely lovely. Kinda on purpose got lost on this run and found a great route with a few rolling hills.

Friday- 7.22 miles with a faster finish. Needed that.

Saturday- 12.03 mile run in the hood. Just relaxed miles enjoying the view.

Sunday- REST DAY. Compression socks and wine for the win.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? What did you do?!
I’ve been staying in touch with a lot of folks via video chats and such. I talked to my best college girlfriend (who lives in Maryland) for almost 2 hours Saturday.

TGIFriday Faves.

Hey there and happy Friday to ya! Hope you are staying well and running happy!! This has been quite the challenging week for me so I am definitely loving that the weekend is near! It is so close I can taste it.

Let’s get to some Friday faves!

Fun fact, did you know Dr. Anthony Fauci is an AVID RUNNER?! Even after working all of those crazy long hours? I knew I liked him for a reason.

Yesterday’s 10 mile run after work (yes, I’m still having to work since my producer job in TV media is considered an ‘essential business’ – thankfully I keep my office door closed and work from home when I can). It was absolutely soothing to my mind body and soul. Plus I found a ‘LOVE’ fence. Gotta love that.

Friends (and fam) checking up on each other. Oh so needed. Check up on your people y’all. And tell them you love them. Everyday.

Desi Linden on recovering and recalculating.

All of the virtual races!!! I am loving the idea of that. Plus I dig the virtual idea cuz I really love to run alone (blaming my only child/ambivert self) All about it.

Plus of course a little funny for your Friday.

Have a good weekend! Do something that makes your heart smile. and LAUGH. For God sakes. 

I’m going on a hearty long run tomorrow.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

This week has been rather balmy for running down in Texas! We are slated to get close to 90 degrees today. I’ve been trying to find as much shade as possible. Plus all of the trees are lush and green. Loving this view.

Well, since my TV job as a producer/writer (yep, fun fact) is considered an ‘essential business’ (media) I have been working in the office. I keep my doors all the way closed while I write and ARM MYSELF with all of the cleaning things. Do what I gotta do for now. Blessed and thankful to stlll be working. What can I say.

Is it just me or is everyone and their grandma outdoors lately? I will be honest I try to avoid the main parts of the park for this very reason. I have been finding new routes lately which is great. People outside with their germs make me nervous.

It also doesn’t help that allergy season is very real. Please be nice to those of us who have allergies. We are gentle souls who mean well.

This quarantine activity book is forever cracking me up.

Plus a little funny for your Thursday.

Share something lighthearted and funny with me! I need some good news.

Weekly Running Report.

Hey there! Happy new week and I hope you all are staying happy and healthy! Let’s recap and review some miles– and see how it all went down.

Monday- 5.22 miles in the evening while doing some people watching. And social distancing, of course! Thankfully running has been so therapeutic to me going through all of this. I also found out this week (sadly) that my annual Hachie 50 mile race was postponed. All good though– but hey the miles MUST go on, am I right?! I will say I took the week mileage down quite a tad with the sad news. Giving your mind and body a break can certainly be the best for a time. After so many consistent high mileage weeks training for ultras I certainly have been needing it.

But hey, keeping fit and focused remains to be the NAME of the GAME. So we all don’t become a victim of gaining the COVID 19. (“freshman 15” joke was intended there – insert laugh track please.)

Tuesday AM- 4.11 miles at lunch time. The weather down in Texas has been perfectly splendid actually for running. Woohoo for that.

Tuesday PM-3.22 miles to get in double run day miles for the day. Faster finish is always nice.

Wednesday AM- 4.32 miles for a very lovely lunch run. We had a bit of springtime rain and then the clouds came out.

Wednesday PM- 3.32 miles – another double run day. Gotta get it in where it fits in.

Thursday AM- Lunch miles were pretty popular this week! The sunshine just puts a whole new joy into my day. 4.13 miles complete.

Thursday PM- 6.32 miles and smiles. Relaxed run to get in over 10.4 something miles for the day. Plus this sweet rainbow for the win.

Friday- 10.12 miles on Friday! It felt good to get out for just a little bit longer.

Saturday and Sunday- REST DAYS. So much needed. Got to kick the feet up in proper fashion.

And there you have it!

How are you dealing with the crazy lately? What are things that are bringing you comfort and peace at this time?!
Running, sunshine, prayer and wine.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hey there! Hope you all are staying safe and surviving these crazy times!! And hopefully getting your RUN on a bit. Let’s chat about some stuff that’s random! Just because we can.

It is interesting to see how the elites are handling the whole quarantine thing! I for one know I’ve had to cancel lots of events lately. But hey, this incredible SPORT called running – it cures all of the worries. Trips will always be there.

Yes, Desi. I feel you sis.

Lately I’ve been thinking about not super upping my mileage for my up and coming race (if it even happens). Part of it is that I just feel like I’ve run so many ultras in the last few years and I want to be more mentally in this game this go round. We shall see. Just hoping this whole Corona situation settles down before May.

I signed up for MCM (lotto) in October! Well the lottery at least. This will be the 5th time I’ve run MCM (and my 31st marathon) if I get in which qualifies me for their veterans Runner’s Club. I also am thinking about Brazos Bend 100 in December. YES. It’s official. I miss 100 milers.

A little funny for Thursday.

Stay happy y’all! And be well.

How are y’all holding up?! Share some randomness with me today!

Weekly Running Report.

Hey there and happy Monday! Hope all is well in your world. It’s about time we recap some miles and smiles!!  I tell you what I am loving bluebonnet season and spring time weather down in Texas. Makes for some (a little humid) but great times for running.

At this point I know they are canceling races and events all over the world due to the Corona but hey! I am still holding on to a little bit of hope for my annual 50 mile race in May. We shall see how things go.

This week was a bit of a cutback week which was lovely! Plus included a much needed REST DAY after run streaking and running higher-ish mileage for over a month. So woohoo for that.

Monday- 5.32 miles in the ‘hood after the super long work day. I am loving the extra daylight in the evenings! Relaxed miles and felt faster towards the end. Running in the evenings also helps me recover from the long run weekends so love that.

Tuesday AM- 5.02 lunch miles to get away and breathe a bit from the work day. I found a great wam bam thank you mam route near work and it is super close to the gym that I also work at so I can shower, run and go.

Tuesday PM- 2.20 miles after teaching spin at the gym. Got some faster miles in after getting off the bike which was much needed.

Wednesday AM- 7.31 miles in the morning with the most glorious sunrise. Legs were tired that morning after a triple threat Tuesday but it got done.

Wednesday PM- 3.32 miles in the evening, Double run day running with a faster finish.

Thursday AM- 7.12 miles back with the breakfast run club. Running on some tired legs for sure but added some hills for good measure.

Thursday PM- 2.22 miles in the afternoon before the gym. Also did some working from home on this day so it was nice to get out there and get my runs in a little earlier.

Friday AM- 4.22 miles at lunch with glorious spring time blooms.

Friday PM- 3.32 evening progression miles before long run Saturday. I normally don’t do double days on Fridays but loving the weather just a little too much.

Saturday- Long run Saturday miles with WRRC. 16.11 hilly miles followed by a mimosa or three.

Sunday- Hello REST DAY. Nice to see ya. Let’s be friends with benefits.

And there ya have it!

How’s your running going? Anyone working from home?! Cancelled races? Share your RANTS with me!
I want to exclusively work from home right about now. But for now I’ll just keep washing my hands OCD style.

TGIFriday Faves.

Hey there! Happy Friday to ya. Hope you have some weekend plans on deck. Or nah??! You all stay safe and healthy out there!! I know they are canceling races left and right. But hey, we can all still RUN…am I right? Thankful for my health and my strong legs right about now.

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

Lauren Fleshman’s tweet this week! Truth or no?

How to cope if your race gets cancelled due to the CORONA! Reflect and appreciate. Love that.

This is how running impacts your immunity. Great things to always remember. Train smarter, not harder.

My beloved TEXAS BLUEBONNETS ARE BACK!! This my little glimmer of happiness and bliss in this crazy time. I was so excited when I saw the “wildflowers growing” sign on my run earlier this week that this route is quickly becoming a new favorite. And every time I run by this area the flowers just keep getting more and more abundant. Best time of year hands down.

Have a great weekend! Be well.

What’s on tap for your weekend?
Running, all of hydrating, eating my greens. Rinse and repeat.

Random Thoughts Thursday.

The weather this week for running has been downright glorious! A tad humid especially this morning but still sunny. Yesterday was almost 90 degrees! Time to find me a pool (and a grill) somewhere.

Why does grilled food always taste better when guys do it?! I just like to sit and look pretty while a man cooks my food on the grill. Just saying.

Do not know about you but about 90 percent of my plans this weekend have been canceled due to the CORONA. The other 10 percent is running.

Thankful that my sport can mostly be done alone without human contact haha. Introverts unite. Actually I am more of an AMBIVERT but I’m letting my inner introvert shine bright right about now.

Share some randomness with me today! Are u an introvert, extrovert? Both??

Both. The only child in me wants to forever be introvert but I also love me some keep it real people.

Weekly Running Report.

Hey there and happy Monday! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I’m here to recap some weekly miles, of course!! Things have been going great here, I’m feeling better this week and keeping the miles up! This race will be here before you know it. Let’s see how it all went down.

Monday- Evening miles to de-stress from the crazy busy Monday. Always nice. I decided to get some active recovery miles in after doing some run streaking lately! 4.22 miles (basically a rest day) doing some people watching.

Tuesday AM- 6.32 miles in the morning, still running easy and doing some time on my feet miles. Picked up the pace a bit towards the end.

Tuesday PM- 2.22 miles after teaching spin class at the gym. Cooling things down.

Wednesday AM- 5.31 miles. Singing in the rain and running in the rain.

Wednesday PM- Double run day miles in for the day. 3.32 miles on the lake.

Thursday AM- Back with the breakfast run club crew. I always look forward to this run too since I do a lot of runs lately solo. 7.32 miles with a bit of a lovely sunrise. Trees starting to bloom all around.

Thursday PM- 2.04 miles after teaching class at the gym. It felt good to move a little faster after doing all of these ‘time on my feet’ runs lately.

Friday- Relaxed 5.12 mile run before long run Saturday. Honestly was not feeling it but it got done.

Saturday- 20.11 miles with the weekend run club, started with them and then finished solo! Gosh it feels REALLY good to getting back up these longer runs on the weekends. Felt good the entire time too. Back at it.

Sunday- 4.21 Sunday funday runday miles to get the run streaking in for the week. Woohoo for 7 days straight of running.

And there you have it! Another 60+ mile week for the win.

How was your weekend!? Protecting yourself with all of the coronavirus stuff going around?!

I wash my hands probably every 30 seconds lately.