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A Night on the Rooftop with Sprouts and the Dallas Fitness Ambassadors.

I thought we’d take a quick break from the run chat to recap my evening with the Dallas Fitness Ambassadors! What better way to wind down on a Monday after the long work day than with libations, delicious bites from Sprouts, and a little yoga. This lovely event was held on the rooftop of The Alexan in Dallas. Perfect place to watch the sunset as we did a little meditation practice.

I am simply always go go go, and as a fitness instructor as well as a producer working behind the scenes in television my mind is always focused on my next task. So to slow down for an evening with some yoga nidra and yummies from my favorite local health food store was absolutely a real treat.

What is yoga nidra, you say? Well, it is nothing like power yoga or anything fast moving whatsoever. It definitely helps promote an overall sense of calm and relaxation.


I was definitely ready for some legit sleep after one session. This was perfect after my run I did a few hours prior.

It’s funny because shortly after this pic was taken the instructor made us hide our phones and keep them out of sight. It’s amazing how we are all glued to those things! It was really great to just unplug for a bit.

Sprouts also brought us a ton of goodies to take home, including nuts, dried fruit, chocolate and more. You had better believe I brought a bag of goodies home.

They also had fresh veggies, cheese, and cocktails on deck. Healthy happy hour at it’s finest.

After the yoga session I ventured over to the essential oil station where I made myself some body mist to take home. Lavender has the keys to my heart.

And of course we had some beautiful yogis that showed us some acro yoga poses after. That’s hashtag goals right there.

Overall it was such a fun, relaxing evening with my Dallas Fitness Ambassadors! I am so proud to be a part of this amazing fitness blogger/influencer network. To find out more, check out their website here!

And if you are in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, be sure to check out the brand spanking new Lake Highlands Sprouts location – grand opening is Wednesday, May 3rd!!

How was your Monday? Have you ever done yoga nidra?

Dallas Fitness Ambassadors, Fitness, Running, yoga

A Fun Evening with the Dallas Fitness Ambassadors and CorePower Yoga.

As a distance runner I always feel like I could do more yoga. It truly makes me feel restored and re-energized! So I jumped at the opportunity to attend a sunset yoga session with CorePower Yoga and my fellow Dallas Fitness Ambassadors.

I was chosen as a Dallas Fitness Ambassador not too long ago and I am so excited to link up with this group to check out new workouts in the DFW area. I will be posting more about the workouts that I attend and new fitness studios popping up all over the metroplex. So definitely stay tuned for more of these posts!

I have attended CorePower before (check out my review here) and have taken a few different types of classes at their studio. This particular class was held outdoors at the beautiful CenterPark Garden at Northpark Mall! It was a perfect evening for getting your strech on outside. Nice and cool but not too chilly with a sweet sunset and colorful flowers in the background.

Green House Market was there also sampling some of their sweet treats. I loved the little date bites with berries on top as well as the chia seed pudding. Total yum and all natural.

They had a live DJ and an instructor to lead as through the vinyasa flow. I ran just over 12 miles yesterday so I totally needed this stretch! Warrior 2 is my jam.

I love also the concept of doing yoga outside. For me it really helps me to zen out and really get into the practice. Plus the soft surface on the grass was so cozy. Way better than doing yoga on a hard floor or pavement.

After the session DryBar and MiniLuxe had stations for manis and braiding hair etc. They also had a juice bar! ‘We’ve Got the Beet’ – I simply adore beets in juice form. I honestly am not sure why.

Overall it was such a wonderful night of yoga and networking with my ambassador friends. I am thrilled to be plugged in with these amazing folks who are also bloggers like myself and in love with health and fitness! Plus, I can now try new workouts and share them with you so you can get the exclusive skinny on the hottest and latest in fitness.

Hey, it also is nice now not to be the only person constantly taking photos at events. Because all of my blogger buds are photo happy! I love it.

Check out CorePower Yoga to see if there’s a studio near you and if you are in the Dallas area, hit up Green House Market for some healthy eats and treats.

When is the last time you got your yoga on? What’s your favorite type of yoga?
Definitely vinyasa/power flow!