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Random Thoughts Thursday.

Hey there! AHH yes it is that day of the week again. Where I just kind of throw my random thoughts out for the universe for you to read and judge. Well hey it’s whatevs. Come on random thoughts Thursday!!! Let’s just get right to it…

Strangely I’m still on this country music kick (y’all it was so bad that I even listened to it on a long run not long ago…I kid you not) and it is making me miss country dancing. Me and my bestie Natalie used to go country dancing ALLL the time in the summer back in the day. I think It is time I head back over there. Also…the country Tailgate Party station on Spotify…find it…go get you some. What can I say, I am your typical Texan.

Also my kombucha addiction has come back to play. Particularly this apple berry one. Oh so good.

For some reason this week I’m on the struggle bus a bit when it comes to dealing with the Texas heat + humidity. I think this is mostly mental, so I’ll get over it soon. I’m thankful for running friends though who get up early with me to combat this fact. Next week I will be buckling down with the early morning speedwork too. I mean honestly without running friends I probably would have thrown in the towel already with this running thing. And take up knitting or something. No shade to those who knit. Ha.

Anyone care about this TEA regarding Tiffany Haddish outing who BIT Beyonce at a party?! Like for some reason Tiffany keeps bringing it up? Maybe she has it out for Sanaa Lathan or something. Not sure. I will always love me some Sanaa though. Brown Sugar was my movie. Hey, what she does in her personal life ain’t my business. Even if it was a “love bite”. Oh my.

PET PEEVE of the week: People walking reeeallly close to me on the street as I’m headed somewhere, just all up in my kool aid behind me for no good reason. I get it we may be going to the same place. I just need at least a few feet between us…or better yet if I’m going too slow for you just pass me? You aren’t going to rush me because you are in a hurry! Also people who just stand in your personal space in general. Not a huge fan.

I think I’m going to have to move to Chicago or wherever they teach this HIPLET class. Hip hop ballet for real?! I am so here for it. Teach me how to stand on my tip toes like that too.

And yes admittedly I kind of miss taking dance classes. I dance at my standing desk at work all day long because of this fact. They do have a hip hop class at the gym that I teach at. The girl that teaches it too used to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and I hear she’s pretty good. We shall see. I’ll do some dabbling in dancing maybe as cross training this marathon/ultra training season.

What is on your mind this week? Any pet peeves come to mind?! 

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Long Running It, Dance Like No One’s Watching and Wknd Recap.

Hello and happy Monday to you! Pour yourself a cup of joe and we’ll catch up. Let’s do a quick recap of the weekend.

Mine was filled with some of my favorite things of course…long running it, cheering some of my friends on who were racing, wine tasting and going to a outdoor festival!

Saturday started out pretty early with friends…I got in 8 miles before subbing an 8 AM spin class. I missed my spin peeps since I was in San Diego so it was great to be back in the saddle.


Followed up with brunch and window shopping. This place has the cutest little sayings to put up in your house. One day I will actually have to buy a few.


Saturday night…salsa dancing, people watching and vino with some fun peeps. This event is actually every Saturday til the end of July so we’ll definitely have to go again soon.

2016-06-13 09.41.03

2016-06-13 09.40.34

2016-06-13 09.58.05

Sunday – early 15 miler with my girl Julie before cheering our friends on..they were racing the Wounded Warrior half! It felt good to be back out on the roads again though after last week’s marathon. I have some other races on the horizon so I’d like to keep my mileage up and get some awesome summer runs in.


And a weekend selfie…just because my hair was actually behaving for most of the weekend despite the humidity. Gotta love that.

2016-06-12 23.42.15

Have a great week! And let’s all remember to keep Orlando in our prayers during this time.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 10.16.31 AM

How was your weekend? Did you get any summer runs in?

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Cheers to Life…Wknd Recap.

Hey hey! Hope your Monday is getting off to a fantastic start. Mine definitely is. Taught 1 hour of speedy spin class. I love getting it in with my early morning crew.

Let’s backtrack. Friday night I went on a date to the Dallas Museum of Art to one of their late night events. Caught up with some lovely art and live music.


Saturday I was up for a hot and humid early morning run to the tune of 10 miles.


The sunrise was insanely beautiful. So that helped. I’m running this half marathon next weekend so this was a taper kind of run. Definitely excited for it.

After the run I recharged my batteries at Bikram yoga. I went 5 times last week. I wasn’t kidding when I told you all I was using that Groupon. Talk about addictive.

After yoga my friend and I washed off and went to brunch next door. Peep that sign on the storefront. Pretty awesome.


…then we went dancing at this awesome reggae club. And the drummer looked like Bob Marley. Fun times…I learned a few Caribbean style moves.

Cheers to life.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 8.44.26 AM

How was your weekend? Have you ever gone reggae…or salsa dancing?

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Salsa, Cycle and My New Addiction…Wknd Recap.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. This morning I taught my a.m. spin class. I love cycling with them because they always bring the energy. We had a new girl in class and we may or may not have scared her a little bit with all of that early morning mojo. But it was fun.

This weekend was fairly low key. I decided to take off from long running it because I’ll be running the Irving Half Marathon this upcoming weekend as an official pacer. This is the 2nd time I’ve paced a race so I’m looking forward to helping some runners reach their goals. So I scaled back the miles and did some cross training. It was nice to take a little break from the pavement. It should be a beautiful run through the trails of the city.

Saturday morning I went to a friend’s hip hop cycle class. I loved their new Schwinn bikes! I think my cycle shoes did too.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 8.03.17 AM

It’s always fun to take another instructor’s class and be a student for a change. It was an amazing workout, I got some good ideas and I was actually pretty sore afterwards.

Saturday night I met up with my homegirl for a little salsa dancing at Gloria’s.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 8.04.31 AM

We had dinner there and then hit up the dance floor. Live music and lots of twirling went down.

Sunday was church and then I got bendy with it at Karmany Yoga. This studio is basically my new addiction. Like if I don’t go at all during the week I can definitely tell a difference in how my body and hips feel. The instructor there, Amy, is a life changer. Oh, and I’m making progress..I finally got into a bind when we did this pose and I felt like a rockstar.


I caught up with a friend that afternoon for brunch on the patio at Dream Café…had mimosas and the vegan migas. This stuff was awesome. You couldn’t even tell that there was not real cheese. I need to recreate it at home.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 8.06.36 AM

On the way home I saw lots of pretty Texas bluebonnets. They are popping up everywhere.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 8.08.05 AM

How was your weekend? What’s the state flower where you live? Ever been salsa dancing?

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Killing Me Softly and Running Wild…Wknd Recap.

Happy Monday friends! Hope you had a great weekend. I had an early wake up call to teach my hour long spin class this morning. Back in the saddle with some new cycle shoes. 
Post workout recovery drink – extra hot soy chai from the ‘bucks…great way to warm up on a chilly morning.
Let’s back track to the weekend. Friday nights are usually low key for me but I got off a little bit early from work and ventured on over to a friend’s Zumba class. It has been a YEAR since I’ve taken a dance class! I used to teach a similar class (hence my blog name) so I have to say that I really miss it. It was so good to be back on the dance floor with my girl Sharanda. Here’s an old pic of her class…can you find me?
Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 8.35.00 AM
I definitely needed a bit of dance therapy as of late since my personal life has been a little hectic – due to some issues with the whole long distance scenario the boyfriend and I decided recently to end our relationship. You know I never get real personal on here and like to keep things light but since I love ya’ll I figured I’d tell you what’s up. I’m actually doing ok (trust me…it has been a long time coming) but it’s just so good to be around friends and staying active. And busy. 
Anywaysssss…Saturday I got some run therapy in. I slept in until about 9 am and then was out for a 12 mile run in the hood. One tough cookie- that’s me.
It felt good to maintain just under a 9 minute pace for this run. Last run over 10 miles before marathon number 10 – Cowtown in 2 weeks. 
Later on that night I did Saturday night church and then went out for karaoke and dancing with a good friend. The K Wang is probably my favorite line dance right now. Well that and the Wobble. Never gets old.
My go to karaoke song – Killing Me Softly. Every time. This was after about 2 glasses of wine. And a patron shot. Don’t judge.
Sunday was a rest day so I met up with my girl Natalie for brunch at Penne Pomodoro. Hello $1 mimosas and bellinis. I had this spinach and goat cheese salad with smoked salmon. Probably my favorite thing to top a salad with is smoked salmon. Hits the spot.
Oh and I also finally made it over to the outlets and cashed in my $50 Nike gift card. I may just rock the turquoise skirt for my marathon. And the ‘Running Wild’ shirt of course.
How was your weekend? Do you have a go to karaoke song you like to sing? Ever tried Zumba?
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Running, Orange Pumpkins and a Fun Fall Dish…Wknd Recap.

This morning I taught 55 minutes of sweatastic spin class. My Monday crew always represents and works hard! I even had some peeps from my Wednesday night class get up early to come cycle with me this morning. We woke the legs up with some hill repeats and sprint work. Great start to a new week.
Hope you all had a fun weekend! A huge *CONGRATS* to you all who rocked the Chicago Marathon on Sunday. I wore my favorite Nike top yesterday in honor of my Chi-town runners!! Chicago was my very first 26.2 so I have nothing but love for that race.
Screen shot 2013-10-14 at 8.20.59 AM
My weekend was pretty chill…and much needed! I had lots of down time which for me meant more free time to get my run on!
Saturday I coached my group over at Luke’s Locker…12 recovery miles on deck. Kept it at an easy 9:45ish pace. It was cloudy, windy and warm for most of the run.
After running and chillin’ out a bit I had to go help my mom and her teacher friends with their dance routine! They are going to be performing in a talent show at school and needed help with their moves. My mom is supposed to be Michael Jackson. We are working on her stage presence.
Saturday night I stayed home and babysat my little cousins Claire and her sister McKinley. We carved pumpkins…actually they were oranges. I found this little project on Pinterest. If you need a fun fall craft to do with the little ones I definitely recommend this. It’s a little messy but way WAAY easier to crave an orange than a pumpkin! We filled ’em up with peanut m&m’s. Claire was a happy as a clam with her orange pumpkin.
Sunday I ventured out for yet another run. 5 miles out on the Chisholm Trail. It has been a while since I’ve been out there but I enjoyed the view.
That night I made a fun fall dish – Pumpkin shells with spinach and cheese. I will post the recipe later on this week! It was scrumdiddlyumptious.
How was your weekend? Have you made anything yet with PUMPKIN? 
Have you ever been in a talent show? 
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TGIFriday Faves.

I got out of my normal Starbucks bubble this morning and decided to try the gas station coffee while making a quick stop. They had a PUMPKIN SPICE flavor so I was curious.
Pretty strong and tasty! I have to do this more often. No shame in my coffee game.
Happy Friday! Its been a great week but I’m definitely looking forward to the weekend!
Screen shot 2013-10-11 at 9.00.08 AM
I have 12 miles on tap with my running group tomorrow morning, followed by LOTS of maxin’ and relaxin’! After a busy week working and teaching wall to wall spin classes (5 of them this week) Lord knows I definitely need the down time.
Let’s get on to my faves!
-I’m all about the dancing this week. First of all…how awesome would it be to see someone bust it out like this at a party? I think we should bring some of these moves back. I’m going to have a dancing party and you are all invited.
If Karen From ‘Mean Girls’ had Instagram…oh I would definitely be following her. Top notch entertainment.
-Metallic mani colors. Give me all of them.
Screen shot 2013-10-11 at 8.46.38 AM
-Fall squash. I plan on buying all of these next week…kabocha is at the top of my list but I want to experiment with the others.
Screen shot 2013-10-11 at 9.07.56 AM
-2 for $22 candles are back at Bath and Body Works. Right now Cider Lane is rocking my world but I want to try Sweater Weather.
Screen shot 2013-10-11 at 8.49.30 AM
-Needing some new cycle shoes. I think I may go for these pink ones.
-How adorable is this little girl with her dancing mama? I totally am going to have a kid like this if I have a little one. Too cute.
What are you up to this weekend? Anyone going to a fall festival or something Halloween-ish? Do you have a favorite candle?
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Caught Cycling in Action and Enjoy My Rambles.

Wacky Wednesday was quite the whirlwind but lots of fun. The district group fitness manager came in to observe my class and caught me cycling in action…
Typically I’m bouncing around the room or showing off with my dance moves so I’m shocked he actually got me on the bike…looking like I’m actually doing the workout.
So I figured I would share another running survey with you floating around on the internets…enjoy my rambles.
What is your favorite type of cross training?
I love all types…cycle right now is up in the top 5 but I’m also digging yoga, kickboxing, and dancing. I taught dance for a year before teaching spin classes and I have to say I miss it…kinda…I am a sucker for a stage and flashing disco ball lights. Ahh the Danceaton days…
What is your favorite song to run to?
I have too many…as you all know I’m digging all things Ciara…especially this track. It makes me just want to run my little heart out.
What brand of shoes do you wear? 
Asics…they’re the first shoe I first started training and running in…and they haven’t let me down since.
Screen shot 2013-10-10 at 11.51.51 AM
Do you wear a hat when you run?
I’m just not a hat girl. I do love me some headbands though. Especially these. I’ll take every pattern and color, please.
What temperature is your favorite for running?
Give me cold weather temps all year long! Haha if only that were possible. 30s, 40s, 50s…the colder the better, baby.
Do you have any big races coming up?
As previously mentioned I am about to be a racing fool in the coming months…bring it on marathons.
What is your favorite distance?
I’m torn. I will always have mad love for the 13.1…it’s fun to run it fast, and easier to recover from. But I LOVE the mental and physical challenge of the full gusto. After every 26.2 I’ve ever done I honestly feel like I come out of it learning something else about myself. It just strips you raw.
Are you a morning, noon or evening runner?
Definitely morning. Starting the day fresh with a run just brings energy into my day.
Do you run solo or with a buddy?
I love doing my long runs with my running group. These peeps are my fam.
Team Lukes at the Wounded Warrior 10K/Half Marathon
Team Lukes at the Wounded Warrior 10K/Half Marathon
I do enjoy training runs solo during the week though. Sometimes all you need is a run in solitude to meditate and brainstorm.
What is your favorite post run snack?
Probably eggs or something protein packed. My go to beverage immediately post run is always organic lowfat chocolate milk.
What is your favorite race?
Hands down…the Marine Corps Marathon. So much to see and such an amazing, emotional race. The spectators are incredible too.  Definitely one you should check off of your bucket list.
Screen shot 2013-05-23 at 10.28.00 AM
Do you wear a Garmin? 
Yep…pinky and I are BFFs.
What is your least favorite race distance?
Probably a 10K. I MUCH would prefer a 5K or even a 15K. For me it’s just a hard distance to gage my pace. Gotta work on that one.
Where is your favorite medal from?
Galveston. This baby was earned more than you will EVER know.
Who is your running idol?
Love me some Meb. I got the chance to meet him last year and he is super down to earth and just an all around amazing athlete.
Screen shot 2013-10-10 at 11.58.52 AM
How long have you been a runner? 
About 5 years. I dabbled in track and field in high school but not long enough and didn’t truly enjoy it like I do now.
What is your favorite workout? Tempo? Long run? Fartlek? Repeats? 
Long run. There’s just nothing like it.
What is your favorite place to run?
My neighborhood in Las Colinas.
Do you use GU? 
Yep. Vanilla Orange Roctane is my favorite.
What do you drink to keep you hydrated?
Water, a little bit of gatorade for any run longer than 12 miles.
What do you take with you on a run?
Handheld water bottle, phone…I’ve been known to carry my phone IN MY HAND playing my music out loud during a race. I’ve never dropped it…yet.
What’s your favorite race distance? When’s the first time you officially called yourself a true blue RUNNER?
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18 Miles, Survival Mode and Boot Scootin’ Boogie…Wknd Recap.

Hi there!
It’s a rainy morning over on my side of the world. Despite my temptation to sleep past the alarm I was up before the chickens to teach my 5:45 am cycle class. We woke the legs up with some speedy intervals and hill work.
I stopped in for some Starbucks after. Nothing tastes as amazing as a piping hot Americano on a rainy day.
Hope you had an amazing weekend! I started mine off early Saturday with an 18 mile training run. I had to coach my group over at Luke’s for 8 and then finished up with 10 more miles on my own to round it out. By the time I was done temps were close to 90…hot and humid! I sure am glad I started off with my group because the rest of the miles were tough. Survival mode here and I’m just glad that I didn’t stop or walk the entire time.
Screen shot 2013-07-15 at 8.22.19 AM
Slow and steady. I guess not all runs are sunshine and speedy rainbows, huh? This one was one of those ‘just glad to be DONE’ runs.
I fueled with these Gatorade energy chews for the first time which were pretty tasty. Loved the fruit punch flavor! Kind of testing a few things out in terms of fuel but I did enjoy these for the most part.
After not dying from that craziness I got cleaned up and took a nice nap. Despite all that mileage my legs felt really good after resting and putting them up for a bit. After Saturday night church I was kind of itching to get out of the house so me and my partner in crime Natalie went out for some country dancing at Red River.
This place is a lot of fun…it’s true TX honky tonk style. We did a few boot scootin’ boogies on the dance floor! I am definitely doing to have to have my cowgirl wear to rock for the next time.
Sunday morning was super chill and easy. I took an active rest day and chose not to rush back into another run…just wasn’t feeling it. It rained off and on for most of the morning so I slept in then went to yoga. Oh how amazing it felt to stretch the legs out. We did lots of upper body work in this class and I have to say I’m a little sore today! After about 75 minutes of amazingness we went into relaxation pose with the sound of the rain outside in the background. Blissfulness.
Later on I met up with another girlfriend at the Caribbean Café. It sounds like a Jamaican place but they actually serve Cuban food! I had shrimp and crab for my main meal…sorry no pics but trust me it was tasty. Their mojitos were the hit of the day though…authentic with lots of fresh mint and lime.
How was your weekend? Ever gone country dancin’? 
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TGIFriday Faves.

Gosh I love Fridays. Don’t you?
Hope you all had a marvelous week! I am ready for the weekend for sure. Time to kick back, relax…oh and more time in the day to RUN!
Today’s my rest day…oh how I love rest days. Recharging the batteries for tomorrow’s 11 mile run. Pretty pumped about it.
Let’s talk about my favorites this week…besides you guys, of course.
-Maxis and jean jackets. This outfit is basically my work day go to right now. Very lucky I get to dress pretty casual at the j-o-b….easy breezy.
-Loving this nude shade for spring and summer. OPI’s Care to Dance. Love all the sassy nail polish names.
I also kind of wish this was a real job because I would apply for it.
-Kind of wanting to make these cookies. I really have to stop looking at this girl’s blog because I want to make EVERYTHING she makes. All about it.
And just in case you need a good laugh…check out this little throwback of me getting my cert for Hip Hop Hustle. I’m the one hiding in the background on the right in red.
Have a fabulous Friday!
What are you doing this weekend? Anyone racing or long running it? 
What’s your favorite spring fashion (or running) essential? 
Do you like to dance?